The Vice-President Is the Treasonous Author of the NYT Op-ed

Saturday, September 8, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
September 8th, 2018

“He was totally for the TPP. He is my modern day version of LBJ..” Pence was for Obamacare.. Now we know that Pence actually created a PAC to run for President in 2020. What has Pence been promised? This is the leaker of the Op-ed for the NYT. Somebody should ask Pence what goes on in certain tunnels below certain farms in Indiana.

The New York Times Op-ed is one of the most disgusting displays of cowardice on the part of a so-called journalistic enterprise. Op-ed’s are not anonymous.

To the author of the Op-ed, you are a coward and a traitor. As an American who expects Trump administration members to work towards the betterment of the country and not focus on the plotting the demise of the President, this display borders on treason on the level of Benedict Arnold. The author(s) needs to be put in prison.

Who Is the Author?

Undoubtedly, the author of this disgusting and fake set of revelations is Vice-President, Mike Pence. He has been the Deep State’s insurance policy from the beginning of Trump’s term in office. And because Pence is so important to the Deep State, it is not likely that Pense delivered the work to the NYT. He and the Deep State would need plausible deniability. Therefore, someone else authored the piece, but make no mistake about it, Pense is the author. Pense is the source of most of the White House leaks and it is easy to prove that Pense is the President in waiting and I am talking about 2020, not 2024.

I have never approved of President Trump’s choice for Vice-President. For reasons that will reiterate, later in this article, Pence and the Trump agenda are horribly mismatched.

When Trump made his VP announcement, I did not waiver in my support of Trump, but I was very vocal in my opposition to Pence. I was roundly criticized by many Trump supporters for expressing my opposition to the Pence appointment. Now, it would appear that a big “I told you so” may be in order.

Pence is salivating at the notion that the Democrats,or some nefarious set of people, will remove Donald Trump from office through invoking the 25th Amendment’s disability clause. The Democrats allege that Trump is mentally ill and this will be their justification. Assassination remains a real possibility,

Is this why Pence has a Presidential PAC for 2020?

These stunning facts give rise to the fact that Trump’s biggest internal obstacle may prove to be Pence and his unbridled ambition to become the next President.

Pence Is Betting on Impeachment or Assassination

Vice-President Pence’s true colors surfaced immediately after the inauguration. I said it when he was selected for the VP spot. Pence is a globalist and a selfish opportunist. This fact is now being born out as he started a PAC in order that he may run for President in 2020, not 2024 which is what any loyal VP would be doing.

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