Remember! Terrorists Said They’d Use Human Guinea Pigs To Start A Pandemic – Would The Globalists, Too? And Was New York Airplane Incident A Bioterror Attack Upon America?

Friday, September 7, 2018
By Paul Martin

Deagel Is Still Forecasting A ‘Mass Culling’ Ahead!

By Stefan Stanford
September 6, 2018

While the arrival of the double decker A380 plane at New York’s JFK from Dubai with nearly 100 sick passengers having temperatures of over 100 degrees caught all of America’s attention this morning, the Drudge Report link to this story over at CBS NY was “Exposed To Epidemic In Mecca…”.

With passengers quarantined after the outbreak of what is being called ‘a mysterious illness’ and the CDC’s estimate of sick 100 passengers far more than the estimate given by Emirates Airlines of only 10 sickened passengers, the next Drudge Report link after the CBS story took us to the Daily Star where they report that 147 passengers were evacuated from a Boeing 747 in France over fears of a cholera outbreak.

And while both of these unfortunate incidents could very well be just that, as Susan Duclos mentioned to me as we were digging into the New York story, how could up to 100 people suddenly fall ill with very similar symptoms in such a very short period of time? While this new story over at The Atlantic reports that the number of sick turned out to be only 10, the first line of their story was “It really did sound like the beginning of a zombie movie.”

While nearly a 14 hour flight according to Flight Aware, the incubation period for most diseases is at least 1 or 2 days with other disease outbreaks taking up to 100 days or even more as seen in the screenshot below. And though the incubation period for cholera is only several hours to a few days, the incubation period for ebola 2 to 21 days and the incubation period for plague 2 to 6 days, whatever sickened so many people on board that flight appears to have spread incredibly rapidly.

And while one passenger told the news from the plane that she saw sick people in the airport even before the flight had taken off and they really shouldn’t have been allowed upon the plane, she’d also told them the flight was a very smooth one, without and turbulence that could have caused air sickness. From this WTOP story:

“I asked the (flight attendant) for a mask before we even took off, but there was none available,” passenger Erin Sykes told CNN from the plane. “It was so obvious that a large number of people were ill well before takeoff.”

“People were coughing the whole time. Now some people have fevers over 100,” she said. “They should never had been allowed to board.”

So why were so many sick people at the airport well before the plane took off allowed to enter the plane at all? While we’re sure to be called ‘conspiracy theorists’ for bringing this up, terrorists have previously threatened to use human guinea pigs in an attempt to cause an outbreak of a deadly disease that helps to ‘cull the masses’. And with numerous recent warnings of ‘disease X’ or a man-made pandemic being a near certainty to kill millions at some point in time in the future, that ‘culling’ has got to start somewhere if they hope to achieve it.

And as we had reported on ANP back on June 17th, should suddenly and without warning a pandemic break out, it would take very little time at all to travel all across the planet with it’s spread in the US shown in the series of maps below. As we’d reported then, half of America could be hit by a pandemic within the first 70 days of an outbreak.

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