As It Is In S. Africa, So It Is In California…(Daughter OK…Air Bag Saved Her…Car Totaled)

Wednesday, September 5, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
September 5th, 2018

Central American illegal immigrants are being horded into America by the hundreds of thousands. Their activities are being coordinated by the dark forces behind the CALEXIT movement, which seeks to exit the United States and this would perpetuate an economic collapse of the United States. China is a major platyer in this plot.

The genesis of this plot was first identified in April of 2018, when President Trump moved troops and National Guard units to the border to interdict a wave of immigrants. And as Kathy Rubio has verified in numerous radio interviews on The Common Sense Show, these immigrants are not the people who will wait on our tables and take care of our lawns. These immigrants are hard core terrorists with evil intentions.

The Objectives of Recent Illegal Embeds

What is the objective of the hundreds of thousands of illegal embeds flooding into the United States? Their goals are two-fold: (1) To steal the midterm election with the illegal participation (ie voting) of these illegal embedded forces; and, (2) If the election cannot be stolen, the secondary goal consists of embedding violent illegal aliens selected for their propensity for terrorist activities up to and including mass murder, primarily of white people in California. Vegas was the dress rehearsal as know that MS-13 and the Philippine contingent of ISIS had a presence in the Vegas massacre.

These embeds also pose an additional threat. For some of these uninvited guests, they are special recruits, namely, MS-13, and other terrorist groups, drug cartels and they have names like MS-13, the Sinaloas, the Juarez Cartel, ISIS, Hamas, CIA operatives tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, etc. And as a reminder as some of you decide who to vote for in the midterm elections, please consider the stellar work of Trevor Louden who he, and former members of Congress, Cynthia McKinney and Alan West identified 80+ members of the Democratic Party with distinct ties to front groups belonging to the American Communist Party and the Muslim Brotherhood.

I have an FBI source whose colleagues are reporting directly to officials in the Trump administration and they reporting to Trump the same threats that I am identifying in this article. The problem is that the Trump administration is so badly compromised and infiltrated by Deep State operatives, that President Trump does not not know who to trust. I have an additional source, who, for now, must remain covert to maintain their status as a conduit of information. This person’s identity and related sources will soon become public. However, if my flow of information is to remain active, I must respect the wishes for anonymity. However, my past investigations into this area validate these claims and I am going to review some of these claims.

The Composition of Enemy Forces

Just like in South Africa, the Chinese have a major presence in this crisis. Just like in South Africa, food is being siphoned off and being sent to China who has an acute food shortage.

China Will Soon Own Much of California’s Food

China will soon have a serous food production problem. However, the Chinese government, through relocation is preventing a revolution. Further, the Chinese have positioned themselves, under the auspices of the United Nations to take as much food from California as needed as a way to offset the loss of food production in the outlying provinces.

The California drought, as I have covered before is the product weather manipulation. The artificially contrived California drought combined with an increasing Chinese presence in California will ultimately lead to a complete Chinese takeover of all California’s agricultural farm land. The Chinese military, posed as energy front men at the many solar farms will soon spring into action and seize all major farmland following the completion of CALEXIT. Chinese soldiers which are present in large numbers at the California Inland Ports (e.g. Sacramento and Stockton) and they are poised to takeover.

How is this possible? Enter Dianne Feinstein and her husband Richard Blum. Feinstein entered the Senate as a millionaire and is now a billionaire. Their conflicts of interest are legendary. California and the EPA have enacted policies that drive farmers and ranchers off of their land by the thousands. This exodus of California farmers is being accomplished through the denial of water to ranchers and farmers. Richard Blum is buying up distressed properties and then selling them back to Chinese interests. In other words, China will control California’s food supply when CALEXIT becomes a reality. The food will be sent back to China as an offset against the loss of farming in the outlying provinces. This will produce catastrophic consequences regard food supplies and prices in the near future in the United States. I should note that the globalist desire to destroy the United States takes a big step forward with this plan.

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    Mr. Martin…God saved her, the airbag was the tool.

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