Breaking News: Chinese Military Enters So. Africa and Afghanistan-Is WW III Imminent?

Monday, September 3, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
September 3rd, 2018

I have been very outspoken about the presence of Chinese troops inside the United States. Around the world, the Chinese are the most aggressive nation on the face of the earth.

China lacks sufficient natural resources needed to complete their country’s transformation from a Second World country (ie developing nation) to a First World country. The Chinese are in a very similar position to 1929 Japan before Japan began to invade its neighbors for oil and other resources. It appears that history is about to repeat itself.

My assertion that Chinese threat within America is becoming more dangerous is being demonstrated on a daily basis. Now we see the threat from China greatly expanding around the world. China is getting ready for World War III.

Solar Energy Farms

The solar energy farm workers are front men for the Chinese army. The port of Ling Beach contains a multitude of Chinese and we will not know precisely how many because the Chinese control the port. Chinese soldiers, in civilian attire can be found in and about the inland ports in America established by various free trade agreements. I have published eyewitness reports regarding Chinese troops being brought in as restaurant workers and then they disappear into the night.

Red Dawn

When the last edition of the movie, Red Dawn, was made, the original invading force was Chinese. However, the Obama administration strongly protested and the Chinese invading army was changed to the North Korean army.

Of late, the Chinese have been seen in far greater regularity.

The Chinese Loss of Their Trade Surplus with the U.S.

The Chinese once enjoyed an $800 billion trade surplus with the United States. President Trump has greatly reduced the trade gap. The Chinese are left scrambling to make up the deficit. In order to compensate, the Chinese have become the world’s biggest hording nation when it comes to gold supplies. The Chinese joined the BRICS which forsakes the Petrodollar in favor of gold backed purchases of oil from Iran. The US attempting to cause a revolution in IRan and this threatens Chinese oil supplies. The US did the same thing to pre-World War II Japan when it came to oil and scrap metal sales and we know this culminated in Pearl Harbor.

Increasing Chinese Military Aggression On a Global Scale

The Chinese have increasingly become militarily aggressive in recent months and have engaged in the following actions:

The Chinese have attempted to disrupt work trade by falsely claiming the China Sea belongs to China.
The Chinese have constructed artificial, heavily fortified Islands in order to compensate for a lack of aircraft carriers.
The Chinese have engaged in border skirmishes with Indian troops on their mutual border.
The Chinese military has constructed a military base of operation inside of Pakistan. President Trump just announced that he was cutting off $300 million in military aid to Pakistan. The reason for the cut back in funding was not announced, but it is easy to connect the dots on this one.
The Chinese have attempted to insert themselves into the Syrian conflict but, to date, have been unsuccessful.
The Chinese recently fired on an American naval plane with a so-called shot across the bow in the disputed South China Sea.

Recently, the Chinese have positioned their military in position which allows them to directly confront US military forces.

The Chinese Move Into South Africa

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5 Responses to “Breaking News: Chinese Military Enters So. Africa and Afghanistan-Is WW III Imminent?”

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  2. Robert Edward Lee

    I think you need to calm down and take a vacation. Rethink if you want your blog to be daily or weekly. If daily, you’re a slave to it and must upstage yesterdays post. Thus all the sensationalism. You mean well, but we want more FOCUS AND SOLUTION IDEAS. Not just “drive by overwhelming inundated with too much sensational news blasts.”

    WE are bothering China in The South Sea. WE are bothering Russia on THEIR borders. This is political bs. Calm down and have a couple home made brews at your local hops place. Relax and think about SOLUTIONS. It’s very soothing 🙂

  3. H.T.

    Maybe you haven’t heard – ‘they’ are All “pushing forward” the same thing – Satan’s Luciferian One World Order:
    ‘Globalist Harmony: East-West “Conflict” is a Charade’ Also note the Real target here – verse 9 identifies “the dragon”.

  4. H.T.

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” How sad for you.

  5. I work nights. I have been working alot due to employee issues.



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