Godfrey Bloom: “Get Ready For A Fake Brexit That Will Fool No One”

Sunday, September 2, 2018
By Paul Martin

by Claudio Grass via Acting-Man.com,
Sun, 09/02/2018

Introductory Remarks: The “Anti-Politician” Godfrey Bloom
Most of our readers will probably remember former UKIP chief whip and European Parliament representative Godfrey Bloom. As far as we know, he is the only politician who ever raised the issue of the workings of the fractionally reserved central bank-directed monetary system in the EU parliament. This system is of course central to the phenomenon of the recurring boom-bust sequences plaguing the global economy.

It is also a major means of redistributing wealth from the poor and the middle classes to those who are already rich and own most of the assets likely to appreciate in price due to monetary inflation (an unavoidable side-effect, irrespective of their wishes). Moreover, it creates an insidious, hidden “inflation tax” that benefits the State to the detriment of all those engaged in real wealth creation, from workers to entrepreneurs.

It is probably no wonder that the ruling caste is usually quite reluctant to discuss the issue openly. Besides, it seems likely that most of what Bloom said went right over the heads of most of his colleagues in Strasbourg anyway. On one occasion he also had a few choice words on the nature of the State and pointed out “who the real tax avoiders are” – which they surely didn’t want to hear, since he noted they were right in there in the room with him.

Godfrey Bloom on the scam of fractional reserve banking:

Bloom quotes Rothbard: “The State is an institution of theft”:

For those of you who don’t know Godfrey Bloom or want to refresh their memory, we posted a brief portrait of him in 2015, shortly after he retired from politics (link follows below). In fact, he was sacked from his post as party whip after being accused of overstepping the bounds of political correctness. He quit the party shortly thereafter. This was quite ironic, all things considered – after all, UKIP is normally not really known for worrying about political correctness. Very likely he was booted for some other reason and his faux-pas was merely used as a pretext (see “Godfrey Bloom, Anti-Politician” for the details).

Godfrey Bloom is a libertarian, even though the leftist lamestream media have constantly tried to smear him as a “far right” quasi-Nazi. He continues to be a keen observer of the political landscape and his opinions are always interesting. Luckily our friend Claudio Grass has remained in touch with Bloom since his retirement. He recently interviewed him again, this time mainly on the looming “Brexit”, which the government of Theresa May seems to be in the process of botching royally.

Ms. May actually identified as a “remainer” prior to the referendum. One would think she is not exactly the most suitable person to lead the UK through the Brexit process. However, since the majority of the UK political elite is completely at odds with the electorate on the issue, we are inclined to believe that the worst possible deal is likely going to be put into place deliberately.

The aim of such a deliberate failure is to soften the public up for an eventual repeat of the referendum, in the hope that an outcome more to the liking of the political-bureaucratic establishment complex can be achieved. This is in keeping with EU tradition: every referendum the outcome of which the Brussels nomenklatura doesn’t like is usually repeated until the “correct” vote is delivered.

On to the interview:

Get Ready for a Fake Brexit That Will Fool No-One – The Mercantilist System and the Noble Dream

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