FBI Source: Trump Covertly Orders Reopening Investigation of New Mexico Terrorist Training Camp

Sunday, September 2, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
September 2nd, 2018

It is no secret to readers that have followed my work, that I have a couple of sources inside of the FBI, one in particular. For eight years, I battled the nefarious forces of John McCain, who decided it was a good idea to build an international highway through my rural community and displace 300 families without compensation. I waged this battle with the help of an FBI agent, among others.

When government commits a crime, like what nearly happened to us, of course, they never tell you the real reason. We were told that we were too close to an Air Force Base (30 miles away and 200,000 people in between). I learned that we were going to have to move because of the Canamex International Corridor which was a trade corridor highway, as part of the Central American Free Trade Agreement sponsored by John McCain and Ted Kennedy) that we be built between Mexico City and Edmonton, Alberta.

I engaged a long-time FBI acquaintance to assist me in my fight in which I had became the leader and spokesperson for. This informant became an informant on many issues, one involving abject terrorist activities on our soil that I am going to share information on later in this article.

The following communication is a first-time release, with permission, of a first-time communication about the attempted theft of my land by McCain led forces. They were offering no compensation. In the course of my resistance, I was shot at while interviewing the late Jim Marrs in the final minute of my radio show. Two men attempted to run me off the road late one night and I escaped by getting to a fire station where I had friends.

The following was from an FBI agent whom I had known for years. This was their response to my description.

The Fight of My Life

From an FBI Deep Cover Source (October 15, 2004):

“Dave, I am so sorry that you are going through this. When I went to work at the Bureau, most of the agents would have quit before they would break the law. Today, the Bureau has been compromised from on high. We are the lap dogs and carry out the bullshit in order that our corrupt Commander-In-Chief won’t get his already filthy hands dirty. What is happening to your community is typical of what is happening inside of our entire governmental organizations including where I work.

The whole executive branch is out of control, but what is happening with the attempted confiscation of your community’s land is typical of the new asset forfeiture laws where we think the public has no rights. This bullshit happened in the Tran-Texas I-35 Corridor and now it is happening in Arizona. I will do what I can to provide you info as you wage your fight. Be prepared for a long fight. Our people will investigate your taxes and look for any violation of law if you stand up to McCain and T. Kennedy’s career defining project. In many FBI circles, we are the muscle for illegal acts by government.

If it comes to be that you are questioned by us, refuse to answer questions until you have an attorney. They will harass you, berate you and threaten you, but stick to your guns. No interviews with any Federal authority without an attorney. They will try to entrap you into threats or catch you in a lie. You may not say any of the sort, but if we say you did, you did, and you are going to prison!

The Bureau is not totally compromised, but our leadership scares the hell out of a lot of us. We do not promote from within anymore. We hire Presidential hit men to provide cover for illegal actions. Most of us are concerned about the WTC evidence being locked away even with the completion of the investigation and the release of the final report. There are more holes in it than swiss cheese. The lap dog media let’s our leaders get away with it and doesn’t even challenge based on the public’s right to know. If our supervisors will lie to the public when 3,000 Americans are murdered, what do you think they will do to you and your neighbors for standing up to McCain and ultimately Bush and his banker benefactors? Be careful!…

For those who followed my work in the early days, this will connect a lot of dots. I present this information, to establish the long-time legitimacy of this source as they discovered I was a reliable source from which to distribute sensitive information without betrayal. Our communications paths are complicated and varied. I know from reading some of my colleague’s work in the Independent Media, they have similar sources as I can tell because the dissemination of information follows the same path. Where is David Hogg(wash) when you need him?

The Division Within the FBI

There are indeed camps which are not just sex camps, but sophisticated training camps for carrying out of terrorist activities, such as school shootings. My FBI source has come across information that greatly expands upon the following news report regarding the terrorist base camp in New Mexico.

The Rest…HERE

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