The socialism that liberals love completely destroyed Venezuela – watch at

Saturday, September 1, 2018
By Paul Martin

by: Ethan Huff
Saturday, September 01, 2018

Braindead leftists love to praise what they believe to be the merits of socialism, insisting that this model of government is preferable to freedom and liberty. But what these ignorant statists fail to recognize is that socialism never works, the South American debacle known as Venezuela being a case-in-point.

In a recent video, available for viewing at, Debbie D’Souza, a Venezuelan native and the wife of prominent conservative leader Dinesh D’Souza, explains how Venezuela ended up in the mess it’s currently in.

What was once a thriving democratic nation is now “a failed state,” she says, “a hollowed-out shell of its former self.” That’s because, once the government took over, all of the wealth that was accumulated as a result of free enterprise was stolen and pissed away by the tyrannical state implemented by former Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.

“Services like power and water are sporadic,” D’Souza says about the current state of Venezuela. “The most basic consumer goods, from bread to toilet paper, are in chronically short supply.”

“Crime has skyrocketed. Freedom of the press is almost non-existent. Democracy has been replaced by a virtual dictatorship. The country is, I’m sorry to say – my beloved Venezuela, a place in which my family has deep roots – I can tell you what happened to it in one word: socialism.”

Hugo Chavez used the exact same rhetoric as today’s Democrats to turn Venezuala socialist and ultimately destroy it

Interestingly enough, when Hugo Chavez was first running for president in Venezuela back in 1999, he promised many of the same things that Democrats here in the United States promise. Chavez’s campaign slogan was even the exact same as Barack Obama’s, except in Spanish.

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  1. max

    Venezuela is a failed state because of a confluence of factors — one of the biggest factors being U.S. sanctions and covert operations against the country. We will never know the real success rate of socialism because of the predation of corporate/banking corruption that has operated without limits in the last century.

    You want truth? Study the facts. That’s doubly important in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine, Africa and every other place that has suffered the presence of US troops. The US government has become the pariah of the entire world.


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