Uncivil Behavior Is Praised Now and This Is How Civil Wars Start

Wednesday, August 29, 2018
By Paul Martin

by Daisy Luther
August 29, 2018

There’s something brewing in America since the last election and that is a complete lack of civility on all sides of the political spectrum. Uncivil behavior isn’t just widely accepted – it’s praised and cheered on. Hatred of one another is becoming the norm and this is how civil wars begin.

A girl in California knocked someone’s MAGA hat off and slapped her teacher.

The examples are many. Just yesterday, a girl in a small town in California was arrested because she stole another student’s MAGA hat and then slapped her teacher as he escorted the ranting young woman from the room.

But of course, in the comments of certain outlets, some people are defending her.

“Maybe the shouldn’t alow [sic] hats like that to be worn in school as it is incitement to say the least.”

On another article was this comment:

Wearing a MAGA hat is the same as wearing a swastika, and the people who wear them know it. We all know what they mean by it. Good for this girl. She had the guts to stand up to nazis. Hey, free speech: If this guy walked in with a swastika on his hat would it be OK to knock it off? I always wondered how I’d feel if I was growing up in nazi germany. Would I have the guts to fight? This girl has guts. America fought a war to take out the nazis and now we have a lying, crooked, sick wanna be nazi and fake businessman / tv reality idiot running the country with the help of the Russians. You people want to wear that hat? Be ready for normal people to think you’re a traitor. (source)

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