Democrats have become the party that supports illegal alien CRIME across America; if you want more murder, vote Democrat

Wednesday, August 29, 2018
By Paul Martin

by: Vicki Batts
Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Illegal immigration has been a hot-button issue for decades and is now reaching its boiling point — largely at the behest of corrupt and disingenuous Democrat politicians. The Left is on a phony human rights crusade, denigrating anyone who dares to stand up for the rights of American citizens as a “xenophobic racist,” or a “white supremacist.” The irony of pretending to care about the needs and rights for “all people,” while our country’s own citizens are being murdered by criminal migrants would almost be funny, if it wasn’t so tragic. Democrats aren’t just the party that supports illegal immigration — they are the party that supports the total upending of the United States.

When former President Obama said he wanted to “fundamentally change America,” he wasn’t joking: Destroying what makes America great is the underlying message of the Left’s most popular talking points. Whether they’re promoting illegal immigration, or demanding that the First and Second Amendments be dismantled, the call for “fundamental change” has become a party-wide platform for the Left. The preservation of liberty as we know it is on the line.

Democrats give criminal illegals a pass

The notion that the Left is putting illegal immigrants ahead of American citizens is not a foreign one; it’s a sentiment that many people share for good reason. The recent murders of Mollie Tibbetts and Kate Steinle drives this point home — especially given that Steinle’s murderer was ultimately acquitted by California courts.

Illegal immigrant Jose Garcia-Zarate was released by California law enforcement a few months prior to Steinle’s murder, even though Immigration and Customs Enforcement had requested that he be detained for deportation. State officials released him anyway, and Zarate went on to kill an innocent woman. Had the authorities in San Francisco done their jobs, instead of instituting a ridiculous “sanctuary city” policy, this tragedy never would have happened.

Perhaps we should start holding liberal politicians accountable for the deaths that are ultimately on their hands — at the very least, by not continuing to vote for them.

Left-wing dogma persists

Instead of at least acknowledging that local law enforcement officers should comply with ICE detainment requests, Democrats are doubling down on their sanctimonious “sanctuary city” policies. Not only are there more than 400 counties that have enacted similar sanctuary legislation this year, sources report that over 200 jurisdictions refused to comply with ICE requests in a single week. These requests for detainment were reportedly made against people who were charged or convicted of serious crimes.

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