Pro-vaccine media goes full conspiracy theory; claims “the Russians” are running anti-vaccine campaigns to try to kill off America with measles

Friday, August 24, 2018
By Paul Martin

by: Mike Adams
Thursday, August 23, 2018

Just when you thought conspiracy theories about “the Russians” couldn’t get any more insane, the corporate-controlled media is now pushing a whole new conspiracy theory about the Russians. According to practically every corporate news outlet in the world, “Russian trolls are responsible for much of the social media activity around vaccines.” Even worse, we’re told, it’s all a villainous plot to destroy America by spreading measles.

Seriously. This is what the laughably fake news media has come to.

“Russian accounts may use vaccine arguments to ‘destabilize’ the US and Europe,” screams the UK Daily Mail, without any sense of skepticism or intelligent questioning whatsoever. These mysterious Russians — presumably the same Russians that “stole the election for Donald Trump” — are trying to get people to stop taking vaccine shots so that measles takes over and decimates America, we’re told.

“[S]ince 2009, the proportion of so-called anti-vaxxers has increased notably in several parts of the country, and measles outbreaks are suddenly reappearing worldwide,” warns the Daily Mail, right in line with the same conspiracy theory being pushed by the New York Times, the Washington Post and other controlled fake news outlets.

“Russian internet trolls meddling in the 2016 presidential election also lashed out at Americans debating the safety of vaccines,” declares the New York Times, completing the hilarious conspiracy theory now being pushed by vaccine propagandists. First, the Russians stole the election and somehow made Hillary lose. Now, they’re making people stop believing that vaccines are completely safe, we’re told. What’s next? Will the Russians try to confuse our mating habits by telling us that men can get pregnant and female vaginas should be called “front holes?” Oh wait, the American Left already did all that.

Laughably, “the Russians did it” has become the new mantra of the desperate corporate-run media that can’t imagine why intelligent, informed moms might question the irrefutable fact that vaccines still contain mercury, MSG, aborted human fetal tissue and squalene. And if you don’t absolutely love the idea of injecting your children with that toxic stew of neurologically damaging chemical, you’re obviously working for the Russians.

New study claims anti-vax facts are “weaponized communication”

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