America’s Date With Genocide (Part 2)

Friday, August 24, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
August 24th, 2018

Part One

This is the second and final part of the application Stanton’s eight stages of genocide to the present environment in America. The first four stages were covered in Part One. Stages 5-8 are identified here.

Stage 5-Polarization

“Genocide proceeds in a downward cycle of killings until, like a whirlpool, it reaches the vortex of mass murder”.
Violence begets violence. Most of the time, the murders of one group are followed by revenge killings. However, the stronger side (ie the government) prevails and the killings begin in earnest.

Early in the process the killings are aimed at the resistance who oppose the new regime and this is best characterized by the systematic elimination of moderates who would slow the progress of the new regime. Subsequently, the first to be murdered in the unfolding genocide are the leaders of the resistance. In today’s world, the perpetrators would be the social media tech giants. They are not murdering people, yet, because they do not fully control the government. However, they are seeking the elimination of all philosophical resistance. And they seek to polarize the contrasting philosophies through radical alienation and systematic polarization. In today’s social media, one risks getting banned for expressing views of Christianity, conservatism and support of America and her citizens. Social media is presently burning books, so to speak. And where they burn books, they will soon burn people.

Even the family members have something to worry about as in Rwanda, the violent extremists targeted BOTH moderate leaders and their families.

Stage Six-Preparation

“Preparation for genocide includes identification. Lists of victims are drawn up. Houses are marked. Maps are made.”

After national ID cards are issued, the businesses are branded and destroyed (social media censorship). In America, we are seeing the early signs that white, male Christians will be targeted as evidenced by incessant rhetoric from the left with regard to this group. White professors who do not espouse extremist leftist ideology are driven from their tenured positions. We have several Soros groups calling for the open murder of whites.

Stanton states the following regarding this stage:

In its most extreme form, it even includes construction of extermination camps, as in Nazi-ruled Europe, or conversion of existing buildings – temples and schools – into extermination centers in Cambodia. Transportation of the victims to these killing centers is then organized and bureaucratized.

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3 Responses to “America’s Date With Genocide (Part 2)”

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    Aaannnnd … your solution(s) ? What ? None ? You’re just “narrating the sinking of The Titanic ? Alll righty then. May the band play on ….

    For those of you who have at least 1/2 a brain, and want to survive … hurry this way to the life boats >

    There … just 200 yards across the water is a nice new well stocked ship :


    waving us to come aboard !! Here’s some life boats to get us there : and these Youtube channels : Way of the World Chisza7 Red Ice TV and American Renaissance

  2. OldReb

    In response to Mr. Lee,
    Surely there are enough WASP’s to raise a Billion. I am researching if there is an uninhabited island, 80- to 100 square miles. It’s time to leave this nut house started by Ed Stanton, William Seward and Abe (idiot) Lincoln.
    Message me thru
    V Dare as Glynn Rebel, If you know of a site that would be better for contact, RSVP

  3. Robert Edward Lee

    Mr. Reb – 🙂 simple … no island, we don’t run we stay and kick ass. If someone intelligently presented uniting America into 2 3 or 4 “Republics,” each “group” gets their own “Utopia,” you’ld have people in the streets DEMANDING this. DEMANDING their own country. Win win. Our win ?


    Simple … easy to remember and repeat and recruit. If we don’t do this we sink. When the water line is at your lower lip … there’ll STILL be the narrators posting on their blogs. Join Leagueofthesouth and Reb. TRY to get these “narrators,” to do stories on this. Shouldn’t be hard … they’re running out of stuff to narrate and are just repeating themselves AND following right along with the talking points that come from Satan, down to the broadcast board of governors through the SCM, ( satan controlled media, ) and right into our faces from the I M, ( Independent Media, ) narrators. And the beat goes on …


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