Jim Sinclair: MOPE Has Failed And The World Is About To IMPLODE Economically – TIME NOW!

Thursday, August 23, 2018
By Paul Martin

August 23, 2018

Jim has a dire warning about the imminent global implosion, which Jim says will include an entirely new monetary system and $50,000+ gold. Here’s more…

by Jim Sinclair of JS Mineset


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Bill Holter


My Dear Friends,

We will keep this short and to the point. As time goes by, you will come to know all the ingredients to the fact that economic law lives and is in the process of reasserting itself like a hot solar storm on the surface of the sun.

MOPE has failed and the world is about to implode economically and socially because of it. Your question to all of us has been when will all this happen. The answer is now. The means to this occurrence is accelerating uncontrollable volatility in the world fiat currency markets. The rise in the dollar here and now is due to Richard Russell’s thesis of the synthetic dollar short. This can be easily understood by remembering that the currency you borrow will fluctuate. If that movement is up, then you are at a loss considering where it was trading when your borrowed it.

The Titanic Forces of Economic Sin in the Theory of Management of Perspective Economics (MOPE), which was identified by us only and no one else more than a decade ago, is the most ignorant concept. If markets could be controlled globally, the laws of economic could be cancelled and depressions, plus serious recessions, eliminated forever. They cannot be! You will witness this very soon.

The equity markets around the world have been celebrating the cancellation of economic law, the Austrian School of Economics and all the teachings of Ricardo and Smith, have been declared dead. The assent of the Devil of Artificial Intelligence operated by the most advanced computers has resulted in market manipulation so huge that there is no historical precedent for the volatility that the end of MOPE will produce.

The only way to win in the Game Theory computer manipulation of market of markets is don’t play. The economic insanity of the big players is now clearly behind the reduction of one of the major international financial houses of their trading department from 500 people to 1 person only. They simultaneously hired 9000 computer engineers to build the strongest computer system in order to own all the world of trading and manipulating markets. They are convinced they are right by their own creation, with the huge climb in equity prices regardless of the lack of true internal economic strength. They, therefore, in making the switch between traders and computer engineers confirm their view of MOPE and the Death of Monetary Science. They see their choice of manipulated stocks reaching into the 1000s that contribute nothing fundamental to the world systems such as social networks and movie purveyors. At the same time a major flagship (i.e. GE) of the internal US economy falls from the mid $40s to $12. General Electric is one of the real engines of US economics that now falls price wise therefore capital value wise.

Finally according to the laws of economics the US Fed, having extended its balance sheet insanely, has lost control of its internal and therefore external monetary policy. The run up now in the dollar because of the technical dollar short is the Death Knell of the fiat system. It is the product of a spreading panic in the non – reserve emerging market currencies. It is the currency of Turkey and Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina that have fallen hard and fast with Asia to follow that is the pending Weapon of Mass Economic Destruction. The only way to stop it is for the US Federal Reserve to go ballistic in global QE followed by all the developed world’s central banks in unison to provide the dollars demanded by the debt instruments of this unwind. You will witness the move to hyperinflation in the useless attempt to continue the ignorant game of MOPE and hold economies and fiat system together.

There is no answer other than GOLD to save yourself.

The price of gold will be a product of the size of US debt now outstanding. Gold always balances the balance sheet of the USA as it did in 1980 at $887.50. If we really had the gold at Fort Knox then the price of gold would rise to slightly under $17,000. Since we do not, $50,000 or more is a probability.

This timing is a cause of the scent of the advent of a major trade war between China and the USA confirmed last week.

A tariff war at this time is most unwelcome.

Today, President Trump made it clear that he is a president of lower, not higher interest rates.

Connect all these dots and the return to the long term bull market in gold is at hand.

I have spent 14 years in the attempt to build one of the largest piles of gold possible free of any margin at all. You must know you have to be your own central banks as they are going to fall not one by one but rather all at once. Now you see that the major world’s gold buying nations that are China and Russia are operating on a Policy, not investment motivated.

Thank God you know this now and do the necessary.

Gold will be the last man standing . After June of 2019 there will be an entire new system monetarily only known to the early advocates of the theory of “Free Gold”

Today the fist system has broken and all the king’s men cannot put it back together again.

Gold will have a market of “$50,000 bid to $50,000 offered” as this new system, by the true law of economic reveals itself. There is no force on Earth that can stop the consequences of greed and mass hysteria of the years 1968 to present. This is also the end of the rule of this planet by what you call the deep state. This is the war of light versus darkness that had to come.

Bill and I have been invited to be interviewed together on this unique connection of the dots by Greg Hunter this coming Friday for weekend presentation.

You need to hear this week’s discussion between Bill, David and myself to connect the dots to your full understanding of the unusual

Grouping of events taking place.

This answers the when you ask so often about the timing of the resumption of the long term gold bull market.

Jim Sinclair

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