Will Embedded Chinese Soldiers Attack America Before the Midterm Elections

Saturday, August 18, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
August 18th, 2018

The fight for the control of America is underway. It would seem that there are multiple plots involving several entities and almost everyone has a say but the American people.

This article examines the Chinese threat to American sovereignty from both a current events and an historical perspective. Along these lines, the following communications were recently sent to me from a reader:

There are now 600,000 Chinese now living in Southern California. Intelligence estimates say as many as 20 percent of that number may be military. If so, that means there are 120,000 ready to go. Considering the amount of military hardware stored among containers in California ports, this is a substantial force, more than capable of seizing and holding the California coast. Add to this a Mexican radio station funneling plans and orders to this group and you have a recipe for disaster. Now, add the Muslims, Hispanics, and liberal university student radicals, and you have quite a significant force. Now add in the gang bangers and black street trash that will join in and you have a force capable of taking California out of the Union. It would take a major war just to take it back. The California govt is already Communist at the top. China now has their entryway into the heartland. Trump likely has only weeks to confront this. AS this is written Russia has maneuvered several satellites overhead that has the Pentagon freaking out. The only thing we are getting out of the White House is his latest tweets about an aide he doesn’t like. I am no fortune teller but I am not an idiot either. Something big is going down and Americans are living in a dreamworld. Will we even have a morning to wake up to? Forget prison, Soros should be dead, as should all the traitors involved in this.

The part about rural California radio stations broadcasting coded Chinese instructions is true as I have covered this in previous publications.

Conversely, this was sent to me by a contrary reader:

I m sick your sensationalist headlines. You say there are Russians and Chinese and Chinese and Russians ready to attack. This is crap there are no Russian and Chinese soldiers. You are making this up…..

In the following paragraphs, both views are addressed.

The CSS Has Reported That Chinese Are Staging In Huntsvillle, AL

The Rest…HERE

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