Always Be Prepared – It Is Only Prudent To Always Be Aware Of Your Surroundings And Have The Means To Take Care Of Yourself

Saturday, August 18, 2018
By Paul Martin

AUGUST 18, 2018

Never has this motto been more appropriate than it is today. With the number of natural and manmade disasters increasing, it is only prudent to always be aware of your surroundings and have the means to take care of yourself. In a disaster you may be on your own for a time and depending on the situation, it may be a long time before rescue or assistance shows up. Keeping a bag of supplies in your vehicle is a smart thing to do.

It is always a good idea to have a bag of supplies with you in the event of unusual circumstances. Some call it a go bag or a bug out bag. I actually call mine a bail out bag after the one I carried in Iraq. I always carried additional essential supplies in case I ever had to leave the vehicle in an emergency. In the case of Iraq, it was ammo, water, ammo, medical supplies and ammo. I state this for a reason. Your bag needs to reflect the circumstances you expect to find yourself in. It will change depending on where you live and the dangers you are subject to.

A quick assessment of the area you live in or are traveling through will give you a good idea what supplies you will need most. A person living and traveling in the city will need a different packing list than a person living in the country 20 miles from their nearest neighbor. This bag is best kept in your vehicle at all times. A home disaster bag should be larger and better provisioned. For a very basic bag the following items are things you need to consider. The length of time you expect to need this bag will also dictate the supplies in it.

Water – At least 2 20 oz. bottles of water should be kept for each day of emergency use. This amount will be higher in the event of high temperatures or hard work. A small water filter is good to have to reconstitute your supply in the event you cannot get potable water where you are.

Food – A supply of high energy bars and foods to maintain your physical endurance will be necessary. You need to plan for regular meals and snacks throughout the day. You will need some calorie dense foods to sustain your increased needs due to stress. Meals do not have to be large. They could be nothing more than a cup of soup.

Foot gear – A good pair of walking shoes or boots are important especially if you work in an office and wear dress shoes or high heels during the day.

Clothing – You need a pair of jeans or other comfortable pants, a good pair of socks, a tee shirt and a sweat shirt or sweater. It is easy to dress down if it is hot but much harder to dress up in cold weather if you don’t have the warm clothing. You can change out your clothing supply depending on the season. In cold weather you may even want to keep a good coat with your supplies as well. This clothing is good to have if your normal work clothes get wet or damaged in some way during a normal work day. Disasters come in all sizes.

Basic medical supplies – Some basic supplies such as bandaids, aspirin, alcohol pads, gauze, tape, burn cream, iodine, tweezers, razors, rubber gloves and a tourniquet are a good place to start. If you wear glasses or take prescriptions, you should keep these items in there as well.

Fire source – At least two ways to start a fire should be carried to insure you can keep warm or heat food.

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