TRUMP AND THE COMMIES: Anti-Communist Donald Trump vs. Commie Sympathizing Anti-Trumpers Brennan, Nellie Ohr, Steele, & Comey

Monday, August 13, 2018
By Paul Martin

by Dr. Andrew Bostom
August 12, 2018

Donald Trump’s muscular Anti-Communist pronouncements and observations from his 2000 book on public policy The America We Deserve highlighted the seditious role reversal underlying the manufactured “Trump-Russia collusion” faux narrative.

A simple juxtaposition of Trump’s written words, versus the writings, utterances and behaviors of key players orchestrating what is now tantamount to a putsch (or coup d’etat, per former Federal prosecutor DiGenova)) against POTUS Trump—John Brennan, Nellie Ohr, Christopher Steele, and James Comey—should make this dichotomy plain to even the most blinkered, and doctrinaire Never Trumpers of any persuasion.

Readers are referred to my colleague Diana West’s extensive, illuminating backgrounders to contextualize the hard Left (even Pro-Communist) proclivities of Nellie Ohr, Christopher Steele, and John Brennan. Nellie Ohr, for example (summarized in this West interview), is a full-throated apologist for Stalin’s 1930s Ukrainian terror-famine, which according to great Sovietologist Robert Conquest’s “The Harvest of Sorrow” (p. 306), killed some 14.5 million souls. “Confirmed socialist” Christopher Steele worked for the subversive, Marxist-infiltrated Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. And John Brennan has admitted casting his 1976 POTUS vote for Communist Party of the USA leader Gus Hall, who was then virulently anti-American, and an overt champion of the “liberating” hegemonic Soviet Communist terror state under Communist dictator (and Hall’s “Comrade”) Brezhnev. Hall articulated these views in a 1975 “Report to the 21st Convention of the Communist Party” (p. 33):

Détente is not an agreement to accept, or to turn one’s head from oppression by [US] imperialism anywhere. Comrade Leonid Brezhnev made this clear in a public statement here when he stated: ‘The Soviet Union’s support for all national liberation struggles and movements is non-negotiable.’

Even James Comey has acknowledged his dalliance with Communism, as reported October, 2003 by New York Magazine’s Chris Smith.

Below are key extracts from Trump’s 2000 “The America We Deserve” which decried what he characterized unabashedly as “oppressive Communism” in China, the former Soviet Union, & Cuba. These remarks are followed by verbatim oral or written quotes, and media reports illustrating the opposite sentiments—i.e., pro-Communist leanings—of the anti-Trump putschists, John Brennan, Nellie Ohr, Christopher Steele, and James Comey.

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