The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Leftists vs. Conservatives

Thursday, August 9, 2018
By Paul Martin

Brandon Smith
Wednesday, 08 August 2018

Before I jump into this subject matter, I should probably address a common misconception among people who are new to liberty movement activism. The first time people hear about the concept of the “false left/right paradigm,” they wrongly assume that this means there is “no left or right ideology,” that it is all fabricated to divide the masses. This is a misconception.

When we speak of the false left/right paradigm in the liberty movement, we are usually referring to the elitists at the top of the political and financial pyramid. These people do NOT have any loyalty to any one political party, nor do they hold to the beliefs of one side or the other. They are happy, though, to exploit leftists or conservatives by targeting their weaknesses. They do this in order to create a social outcome that elevates the elitist’s own goals, but that is all. Meaning, these people are globalists and have their own agenda separate from the political left or right, but will pretend to stand on one side or the other in order to control the narrative. Hence, the “falseness” of their particular left/right theater.

The common citizen, however, does indeed tend to legitimately rest his or her ideals on a spectrum from left to right, from progressive to conservative. And lately, the separation between these two sides has been growing ever wider.

To be clear, it is not playing into the hands of the globalists to point out the differences in the two sides. The two sides are concrete, they are a natural extension of human though processes, and they would exist even if the globalists did not exist. The globalists did not create left vs right philosophical differences, this is giving them too much credit. They only seek to take advantage of divisions in thought that already exist.

Where things go horribly wrong is when one side or the other is pushed artificially towards zealotry. This is where the globalists create chaos, by influencing the left or the right into subverting their own principles and abandoning diplomacy in the name of destroying the other side. This is when disagreements become war and the political process becomes a blood feud. Globalists sometimes attempt to conjure such violent conditions when they want to wipe the slate clean and introduce a new social system. Generally, their goal is even more centralization and control.

Over the years I have been critical of BOTH sides of the political spectrum, and sometimes even more critical of liberty activists when I see the movement being led astray by disinformation. The reality is that both leftists and conservatives sense severe imbalances in the way our society and our government functions. Where we differ greatly is in how each side places blame for our problems and how they plan to solve those imbalances.

In order to understand why the left and the right are so close to open war, we have to step outside the political bubble and look at our differences in a more objective way. First, let’s start with an examination of the leftist mindset…

How Leftists View The World

The Rest…HERE

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