National media refuses to report on left-wing Antifa mob violence breaking out in three U.S. cities over the weekend

Thursday, August 9, 2018
By Paul Martin

by: Vicki Batts
Thursday, August 09, 2018

Antifa is being given a free pass by the mainstream media once again. This past weekend, left-wing extremists took to the streets in three different cities to incite violence of all kinds — and not a single organization within the legacy media has dared to report on it. The lawless Left continues to operate under the guise of “counter-protesting” against conservatives, as if that is somehow a justification for their violence.

The cities of Portland, Oregon, Providence, Rhode Island and Berkeley, California were all targets of Antifa’s brutality this weekend. In Portland, the so-called counter-protesters arrived armed and ready to cause serious damage to members of Patriot Prayer, a conservative group that supports free speech and is against big government. The Proud Boys were also reportedly at the event. The left-wing media has, of course, smeared Patriot Prayer as a “violent, far-right” organization; Huffington Post even labeled them as a “proto-fascist gang,” a term that’d be more fitting for the Antifa brown shirts, no doubt.

“Patriot Prayer is about using the power of love and prayer to fight the corruption in both the government and citizen levels that seek to gain power through division and deception,” says a description on the group’s Facebook page. Apparently praying in public is now a violent offense to liberals.

Antifa attacks grandmas in Portland

While the Left hastily reports on anything that can help them paint conservatives in a bad light, it’s almost as if Antifa was never even there. But they were — and they were rioting.

As Gateway Pundit reports, Antifa members showed up in full swing, armed and ready to fight anyone — including a pair of conservative grandmothers. Republican activists Cheryl Bowen and Lee Gayer Robbins were attacked by Antifa thugs on their way into a parking garage. Attacking two women in a dark corner is about as low as you can get, but fortunately, another Trump supporter was able to come to their rescue.

Transgender Trump supporter Edie Dixon rushed into the fray, and tried to fight off the violent “protesters.” In a Facebook comment, Cheryl reiterated how thankful she was for Edie’s bravery. “You and Lee have been everything to me, I wasn’t going to let anybody attack you even if it meant getting beat up myself,” Edie replied.

Not everyone at the Portland protest was so lucky; one Trump supporter had his skull cracked open by a crazed Antifa member with a club. While both sides are guilty of violence, the media has not been truthful in their reporting of Antifa’s activities, describing them as “peaceful counter-protesters.” Peaceful people do not crack skulls.

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