There Is a Russian Deep State and It Wants War with the United States

Sunday, July 29, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
July 29th, 2018

Both Putin and Trump have to contend with their own version of the Deep which is comprised of business interests which do not coincide with the interest of the citizens of each country.

Many are surprised to learn that Russia has a Deep State which parallels the American Deep State. The one overriding difference, as I have discovered, is that the Russian Deep State is not dedicated to the overthrow of their government and its processes, so long as their will is carried out. On the other hand, the American Deep State is dedicated to the complete eradication of all civil liberties and the installation of a draconian police state where rulers’ whims constitute the rule of law. America is witnessing a Bolshevik Revolution in which nothing is sacred enough to preserve, including the lives of 315 million Americans.

The Russian oligarchs have no interest in population reduction and the destruction of present rule of law. However, the Russian oligarchs are friendly and cooperate with Rothschild banking interests because it is in their best interest to do so. The transport of Russian natural gas and oil interests are given priority. Wars are fought and deals transacted that ultimately strengthen the New World Order’s grip on Russia. The oligarchs (ie Russia’s Deep State) have seemingly accepted the inevitable fall of Russia in terms of economic independence and national sovereignty.

In yesterday’s article, I asserted that Putin and Trump’s lives are in danger. Both men are walking parallel paths. On one hand they are fiercely fighting for their nation’s independence and they care about preserving a viable economy and protecting their citizens from the ravages of the globalists. On the other hand they have to be careful, that they honor the profit and power motives of their Deep State apparatus, respectively.

As an example, of Putin’s dilemma, he carried out an expensive civil defense drill in which 40 million Russian were evacuated to a mountain bomb shelters in an attempt to survive World War III. Trump has expressed his concern for the welfare of American citizens by thumbing his nose at free trade agreements which has provided America with a growth in GDP and much higher employment rates among blacks and Latinos.

This article is combination of what I have learned in the past few days from sources that have surfaced and resurfaced since I began to writing about the Blue and Red Dawn strategies that are currently in play.

It is interesting that some of my media colleagues are experiencing a revelation of facts related to the planned takeover of the United States. Paul Martin is one of these colleagues and his recent discoveries, will be briefly described in the latter part of this article.

This story has its roots going back to 2015 and the CIA’s takeover of Ukraine and the ouster of Russian-friendly leadership.

Following the incursion of CIA backed forces in Ukraine which successfully completed a coup, the Russian oligarchs, mostly oil barons and bankers have periodically expressed discomfort with Putin’s leadership and his “friendliness and capitulation” to Western interests. In 2015, Putin totally disappeared for 10 days. I wrote 8 stories connected to this disappearance. It is no secret that Putin nearly lost control of his government and even his life. However, the Russian Deep State had a problem, how would they initiate a coup and assassinate Putin without huge repercussions from the Russian people in response to the ouster of a popular leader? With each passing day, connected to Putin’s disappearance from public life, speculation grew. In fact, I ran this sarcastic photo with a telling statement.

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