MSM Disinformation Scam, Trump/Putin Meeting Fake Hysteria, Wells Fargo Troubles

Saturday, July 21, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Greg Hunter
July 20, 2018

Putin dropped a bomb in the recent Trump/Putin meeting in Helsinki, Finland. Putin charged that an investment fund manager named Bill Browder (a British citizen) took $1.5 billion out of Russia and that he (and others) made the money illegally. On top of that, Putin charged that some U.S. Intelligence Officers helped guide “$400 million as a contribution to the campaign (2016) of Hillary Clinton.” Putin suggested Russian authorities want a deal to talk to Browder. Trump has turned down Putin, but shouldn’t the U.S. ask some questions? Don’t expect the disinformation scam that is the mainstream media (MSM) to ask the hard questions because FOX and MSNBC would only get Browder’s reaction to Trump turning down the Putin request. NOBODY would ask about the $400 million that Putin says was sent via U.S. Intel Officers to the Clinton Campaign. Not asking that question of Browder, when you have him on camera for an interview, is too stupid to be stupid.

The Deep State and their MSM partners are going hysterical because of the meeting with Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. They are calling Trump a traitor, but they know it’s a fake and phony charge. The real reason for the hysteria is they know that the Deep State is in deep trouble, and they are trying anything they can to discredit him and cast doubt. Trump is not afraid and has announced another meeting with Putin. The Deep State wanted war between the U.S. and Russia, and it looks like peace is breaking out instead. The Deep State, MSM, Democrats and RINO’s are panicked that Russia and America are working together against the New World Order and the Deep State.

Warren Buffett’s bank, Wells Fargo, is in trouble again for ripping off its customers. Why do they keep doing this sort of thing? Could it be the bank needs money anyway it can get it?

Join Greg Hunter as he gives his analysis on the week’s top stories in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

(This report talks about how the MSM is ignoring a $400 million Putin bomb he dropped on Clinton, the Deep State’s panicked reaction to the Trump/Putin meeting in Finland and more warning signs of trouble for Wells Fargo.)

After the Wrap-Up:

Correction???? (Up-Dated)

The plot thickens. Now, I find that the Russia News Agency TASS has made a correction in the $400 million number Putin used in the Helsinki press conference. TASS (Russian state sponsored news) has corrected the number to $400 thousand sent to the DNC and Clinton campaign. I find it hard to believe that Putting had this big of a miss.

It is still illegal for U.S. intel Officers to “guide” money to Clinton campaign and DNC from a foreign national (Browder). Why aren’t the MSM press talking about this?????

Financial and gold expert Egon von Greyerz will be the guest on the Early Sunday Release. He will talk about the record breaking global financial risk and how it is being ignored.

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