Swamp Creature Kavanaugh Was Forced Upon Trump

Thursday, July 12, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
July 12th, 2018

There is much more that is surfacing on Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, that deserves the attention of the American people. This report is not “the end all” report that some are looking for. The Kavanaugh controversy is only one part of full-fledged war going between the Deep State and governmental officials that are not compromised. I will touch on this latter point in the conclusion of this article, however, this point is still under investigation.

With regard to the Kavanaugh nomination, I have vehemently expressed my concern over Trump’s leadership skills. However, I have backed away from condemning Trump. There is a power play at work here that Trump cannot fully control and I have multiple reasons to believe that Trump is engaged in a strategic retreat that is not permanent. I am absolutely convinced that Trump did not want to nominate Kavanaugh. What was the leverage used against Trump to force this nomination? That picture is still emerging but the subject is touched upon in the conclusion.

Body Language Speaks Louder Than Words

Academically, I have taught the interpretation of body language, I understand the process well. Body language comprises over 90% of the communicated messages that we transmit to others. Our words are secondary, in importance, in comparison to expressed, non-rehearsed body language. Body language is very hard to control and as a result, normally conveys the true message.

I decided to compare the body language of Trump’s nomination speeches for Gorsuch vs. Kavanaugh. Trump’s verbal content of his two SCOTUS nomination speeches were nearly identical. In both speeches the President expressed extreme verbal approval for his nominee as he was very complimentary of both men’s professional backgrounds. Should we have expected anything else? However, the body language displayed by the President spoke volumes when the body language of the two speeches are compared side-by-side. Subsequently, I muted the volume and simply watched the President’s body language and compared the two speeches. The results are striking.

When I watched the Gorsuch nomination speech, absent of any sound at first, the President was extremely animated beyond his normal baseline of expression. His arm gestures frequently rose above shoulder level reflecting extreme excitement. His cheeks were raised indicating joy. When I watched his speech and compared his words to his gestures, the words were on beat with his verbal enthusiasm indicating congruence between body language and the message of the spoken word.

In contrast, in the Kavanaugh speech, the President stood at attention and he almost appeared to be in a body cast. His body movement, was very minimal, and was totally out of beat with his words suggesting an incongruence between the spoken word and the expressed body language. Most importantly, Trump’s gestures were almost nonexistent. He appeared more like a soldier at attention that was guarding a royal palace than someone who was performing a landmark duty related to his position.

Another giveaway to Trump’s body language was revealed through his facial expressions as they told the entire story. If one would freeze the video, frequently, one would see what we call micro-expressions of anger. Please allow me to explain. Our conscious and unconscious minds have two different processing speeds. Typically, a micro-expression is not consciously detectable to the untrained eye. However, our unconscious mind can pick up micro-expressions, on an unconscious level, and the research shows us that we form “perceptions” as a result, even though most untrained people could not recite the specific body language that leads to the “perception”. However, because we all have video with a pause feature, nearly everyone can use video and can isolate micro-expressions of the President . And my analysis revealed, without question, that the President micro-expressions were extremely negative and conveyed anger and even hostility. Frequently, when I paused the video, I witnessed the fact that President Trump’s eyes would frequently narrow, his brow would contract toward the middle thus, forming a typical scowl. These expressions were extremely brief, hence the term MICRO-expressions. This happened in the Kavanaugh speech over and over. I did not see the same expressions in the Gorsuch speech.

Based on my training, I would conclude that Trump was not pleased with the Kavanaugh choice. The fact that Trump’s two speeches were not verbally individualized for each nominee, I concluded that Trump was only performing a perfunctory speech of approval for Kavanaugh. Therefore, I am confident in saying that the President’s hand was forced with the Kavanaugh nomination.

One other item that I cannot shake is that during the entire speech by Trump, Kavanaugh did not embrace his wife, which is nearly a universal behavior in these kinds of circumstances. Instead, he clung to his youngest daughter the entire time. I am not implying illegal or inappropriate behavior, except to say that I thought this behavior was very, very bizarre. Therefore, if you were “creeped out” by Kavanaugh’s nonverbal behavior, you are not alone.

Compare the two speeches, in question, and just focus on body language and note the differences. Even to the untrained eye, the difference between the two speeches, under similar environmental conditions, is striking!

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