Looter Defense Plan: The First (And ONLY!) Way To Defeat A Hungry Mob…

Wednesday, July 11, 2018
By Paul Martin


The riots in Ferguson, MO may have died down for now, but they leave a lasting memory that serves to once again proven how fragile society is and how many problems can be caused by violent looters. All it takes is one police shooting, one jury verdict, one natural disaster… and a town can melt down into utter chaos and look like a scene you’d expect to see in Iraq or Afghanistan.

And remember, it doesn’t matter where you live in the U.S., every town is susceptible. This is why you need to know how to survive if your town ever breaks down and protestors begin lobbing Molotov cocktails left and right and looting runs rampant.

When we talk about SHTF, societal collapse, or a general absence of law and order, in so many of our articles we covered things like having a flashlight handy… use the food in the fridge first… make sure you have enough food and water stocked up… things like that.

But the scariest part of a true, long-term collapse ISN’T the threat of running out of food and water. That’s the easy part.

What you truly need to be afraid of is when OTHER people run out of food and water!

When food supply is shut off because all transportation is shut down (it will be) and food production comes to a stand-still (it does), your fellow citizens will grow more and more desperate and resort to doing absolutely ANYTHING to feed themselves and their starving families.

Is Planning A “Looter Defense Squad” The Best Way To Defeat A Hungry Mob?

Teaming up with other prepared (armed!) citizens has proven to be VERY effective during times of short-term looting and chaos, such as when protests take a violent direction (like in the Ferguson Riots).

When a few brick-throwing thugs are running through the streets looting convenient stores and setting police cars on fire, a show of force may prevent them from attacking.

And if they do, your “fire team” would most likely be able to easily defeat a small gang if you’re well trained and have a good defense plan.

But during a TRUE collapse – where people are literally starving (as we would see following a grid-down blackout for example)…

… this plan will FAIL every time against a mob of hungry, desperate citizens!

First, “hungry citizens” aren’t the same as a gang of armed thugs and you’ll find it hard to shoot into a crowd – especially if there are children in the mix.

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