Leftists claim to care about children, but they say nothing when American children are routinely KIDNAPPED by rogue government CPS agents

Friday, June 29, 2018
By Paul Martin

by: Ethan Huff
Friday, June 29, 2018

Like a bungling magician doing cheap parlor tricks, the corrupt mainstream media is desperately trying to keep all eyes off of the new Inspector General’s (IG) report, including its publishing of fake news reports about illegal alien children being separated from their parents at the Mexican border. But what this latest bout of manufactured outrage illustrates once again is that the Left couldn’t care less about children’s lives, seeing as how they never make a peep about all of the American children who are separated from their parents by a deeply corrupt Child Protective Services (CPS).

It happens every single day – the parental rights of Americans being unconstitutionally stripped from them by a rogue CPS that routinely violates the Fourth Amendment and due process. There are so many examples of CPS criminality against innocent parents that it would take hundreds of articles to cover them all. One of these is taking place right this very moment in Mississippi, where CPS officials reportedly abducted a man’s young daughter under false pretenses.

After his ex-wife decided to skip town on his then-two-year-old daughter Belle, Michael Chambers stepped in as any good father would to assume custody of the little girl. Since he lacked the resources and ability to track down Belle’s irresponsible mother in order to serve her official custody papers, Chambers simply assumed the father role without giving it a second thought – a decision that would quickly land him in the crosshairs of CPS.

Prior to moving to his new home, Michael had been receiving occasional calls from his crazy ex-wife, some of which were followed up by visits from CPS. Recognizing that he was basically being harassed by a deranged individual, local social workers knew to basically ignore the woman’s false claims against Michael and his raising of their daughter. But after relocating to another county in Mississippi known as Warren, everything changed for the worse.

Michael would receive a surprise visit from a county social worker named Kyra Reed, who also goes by the name of Kyra Carson, demanding entry into his home. Reed presented no charges or a proper warrant, but insisted that she be allowed to interview young Belle, to which Chambers declined without a warrant, resulting in Reed/Carson storming off in anger.

Warren County, Mississippi, Sheriff’s department: CPS doesn’t need a warrant to rip a child from her parents

This should have settled things, seeing as how Americans are constitutionally protected against unreasonable search and seizure without a warrant or probable cause. But this apparently isn’t the case when CPS is involved. The child abduction agency repeatedly tried to gain access to Chambers’ home without a warrant, ultimately leading to a terrifying and completely illegal provocation that would occur on his very door step.

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