Professor begs Trump to suspend Posse Comitatus, deploy the MILITARY to Chicago to stop the runaway violence in Obama’s “gun-free zone”

Tuesday, May 29, 2018
By Paul Martin

by: JD Heyes
Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Blacks continue to vote overwhelmingly for Democrats because they think the party of the mule is a better arbiter of civil rights and has a superior record when it comes to battling racism.

Neither of these beliefs is true.

The Democratic Party has long buried its history as the party of racism and black genocide, having formed and then supported the KKK while implementing Margaret Sanger’s Planned Parenthood vision of exterminating as many black babies as possible.

As for civil rights, Democrats could never have made any progress during the 1960s movement without the support of Republicans. But today, there remains a black-oriented civil rights crisis that is of Democrat creation: The mass murder of mostly young black men by other young black men in Chicago, which is about as deep blue as it gets.

So bad is the violence and so high the death rate in the nation’s third-largest city — a virtual gun-free zone — that on the campaign trail in 2016, then-GOP nominee Donald Trump promised to send in the Army to clean up the streets.

Well now, one professor is calling on the president to make good on his pledge; it’s gotten that bad in the Windy City. (Related: San Francisco has become such a filthy liberal s##thole that even the TOURISM industry is begging city leaders to clean it up.)

A call for help

Writing in The Hill, Jason D. Hill of DePaul University in Chicago is pleading with Trump to do something radical: Suspend U.S. law, the 1870s-era Posse Comitatus Act, then send in armed troops to restore order to parts of the city that have become nothing less than a war zone.

He writes:

Wannabe-commandos terrorize neighborhoods, challenging not only local authorities but the very authority you exercise as president of this great nation. The potency of your own presidency is ridiculed when thugs and barbaric criminals take it upon themselves to establish lawless fiefdoms, usurping the law and order on which this republic was built and upon which its continued existence depends, as they kill innocent lives. …

…I ask that you use your powers to suspend the dated Posse Comitatus Act, which unfairly limits your ability to use domestic militarization to respond to crises. Posse Comitatus makes no mention of the use of the militia, the National Guard, the Navy or the Marines. You can suspend this law and send in the forces necessary to quiet our streets and restore safety to at-risk neighborhoods.

For the record, Posse Comitatus may be “dated,” as Hill suggests, but its passage was as vital then as its continued existence is now. A Reconstruction-era law, it forbade federal military forces from being utilized in a law enforcement capacity. The reasoning was clear: The military exists to destroy opposing armies and conquer nations, not ‘police’ American streets.

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