Pro Sports Are Controlled by the Globalists

Tuesday, May 29, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
May 29th, 2018

We live in an age when we cannot trust our clergy because many of them belong to the DHS’s Clergy Response Team, which according to an original member, Walter Mansfield ,was designed to get people to calmly go to the FEMA camps.

We cannot trust our nation’s banking system because the Federal Reserve, over the 105 year life of the banking cartel that controls our money, has stolen 98% of the value of a dollar over that time period.

Trust in government, in general, has been obliterated. Is there anything that we can trust anymore?

My basketball coach in my freshman year in college used to tell us that sports was the one of the things that you could trust in this endeavor, everything you achieved was earned. At that time in my life, I believed that to be a true statement. However, as I am finding out, sports is one of the most corrupt endeavors in life at the professional level. My illusion that sports was a level playing field has been crushed by the National Basketball Association.

Not every NBA game played is fixed. However, many of the key games are as revelaed by the case of disgraced NBA referee, Tim Donaghy.

The Corruption of the NBA

In early November 2010, the Harris Poll conducted a poll the questions asked of participants was “Please rate the likelihood of the league office influencing the outcomes of games to benefit its business?“

The Harris Poll also asked the participants to judge the possibility of games being fixed at the NBA’s doing (ie dealing). Other questions also allowed respondents to rate if the possibility of games being fixed at a league’s insistance affected whether they watched the sport or not. And the bombshell quetion: Did NBA referee’s, Tim Donaghy scandal impact the general public and their perception of integrity of the league?

The poll came out as a result of the arrest and conviction of former NBA ref, Tim Donaghy, who bet on NBA games in which he was officiating. What is interesting is that the NBA has a security department which is second to none. They are made up of former FBI and CIA types and they closely monitor the league and rule with an iron fist How then, did Donaghy manage to bet on games he officiated for 13 years with an outcome success rate, according to the FBI, of nearly 80%?

Donaghy, after he was arrested by the FBI began to sing like a canary. Donaghy claied that many of the key games were fixed by the league and they used referees, like him, to predetermine the outcome.

Former NBA Commissioner, David Stern, said the world should not believe that the NBA routinely fixed games as claimed by Donaghy as he nogotiated with the FBI for a reduced sentence which he received. When the FBI receives “plea-bargained” type of information, they investigate. If Donaghy’s claims were false, his sentence would have been increased for lying to the Feds. Instead, his sentence was reduced. This was the first red flag. Then, why weren’t more FBI arrests made? As yo will see in later paragraphs, the NBA is a globalist organization and they have the ability to kill any investigation.

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  1. Strayhorse

    WRONG! ALL sports is controlled by fans. Sports, movies, theater, and other professional venues is ENTERTAINMENT. THAT’S ALL! The fans, movie goers, and other consumers of entertainment CONTROL THESE INDUSTRIES! Don’t believe me, then why is the NFL suffering? Because the high paid brat wanna be athletes who gave up the sport for obscene sums of money pissed off their fans. Hollywood is gonna get their due as well. Consumers are pissed at the level of disrespect levied against those paying their hard earned bucks for ENTERTAINMENT. You diss me, I keep my money and screw your ENTERTAINMENT.


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