K-8 schoolteacher wants to emphasize gun control, white supremacy, and anti-capitalism to students because “teaching is political”

Monday, May 28, 2018
By Paul Martin

by: Jayson Veley
Sunday, May 27, 2018

Should teachers play a role in political activism and ideological indoctrination? According to one teacher in the state of Arizona, the answer is yes.

Late last year, Arizona K-8 schoolteacher Noah Karvelis took to social media to urge his colleagues to bring politics into the classroom, and to specifically address the issues of gun control, white supremacy and anti-capitalism.

“Teaching is political and silence is complicity,” Karvelis wrote on his Twitter page back in December of 2017. “Things more educators should discuss especially if they work with young (white) men in the classroom in 2018: gender, feminism, and #MeToo, race, gun violence.” What makes this even more disturbing is that these weren’t kids in high school or even middle school that he was talking about; these were young children in elementary school, most of whom have impressionable minds and aren’t capable of questioning things that their teachers tell them in the classroom.

Furthermore, a group called AZ Liberal Watch noted that Karvelis has questionable teaching qualifications at best, tweeting in part: “He’s barely been certified to teach and he has deficiencies in Arizona & U.S. Constitution certificates. Do you really want someone like this teaching your children?” (Related: This U.S. university is now offering anti-Trump resistance training to students.)

The answer, of course, should be no. Truthfully, America’s education system is currently at a crossroads – we can either go down the path whereby education is centered on traditional subjects and accurate accounts of American history, or we can go down a path whereby education is politicized, and students are turned into young activists rather than independent thinkers. Obviously, the former will lead to a much more intelligent and productive society, but it’s still shocking that there are elementary school teachers like Noah Karvelis now openly supporting the idea of turning our schools into political indoctrination camps. (Related: Many of America’s universities are turning into social justice indoctrination centers that put academics last.)

It’s not just random teacher activists

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  1. Strayhorse

    I guess “RED FOR ED” doesn’t mean more funding for Arizona and national-wide teaching & school funding – maybe it means “Socialism/Communism in Education”! If so, then NOT ONE MORE TIME FOR THE LIKES OF NOAH KARVELIS & FRIENDS!


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