America Is Red, White and Screwed! Your Pension Funds Will Soon Be Gone!

Monday, April 30, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
April 30th, 2018

Over a decade ago, comedian, Lewis Black, popularized the phrase “red, white and screwed”. Those words were never more acccurate than they are today as we examine America’s financil situation.

America’s Cognitive Dissonance

Have you ever sat in a room and couldn’t figure out why people were laughing? They laughed and laughed and laughed as your curiosity grew and grew. And then, suddenly, you realized they were laughing at you! This is what is happening to all Americans. We have been robbed blind and we have scarcely noticed. Now, our very existence is being threatened and people laugh at you for talking about it as they call you a “conspiracy theorist”, “fear-monger” and “the purveyor of doom and gloom”. For me, and for this two part series on the collapsing economy and what you can do about it, this will be one these days. In honor of the cognitive dissonance crowd, I am thinking about adopting a new pen name, Chicken Little, because the economic sky is indeed falling.

“What’s Coming, Is No Longer Coming, It Is Already Here”

Steve Quayle once uttered those words on my radio show and they apply to the economic environment in America today.

The financial problem facing most Americans is two-fold: (1) Almost all retirement accounts are in economic distress; and, (2) the banks have positioned to “keep” all of your money that is in the bank. The combination of pensions collapsing and the subsequent bank failures that will follow will devastate about 50% of all Americans. You might be asking, why wouldn’t these two events devastate 99% of the country? Simple, 25% of all Americans do not have a bank account and about half of America lives paycheck to paycheck and could not absorb an unexpected $400 car repair bill. The latter group does not have far to fall. However, those with money, are on the verge of being wiped out by what is coming, and it is by design.

This article will focus on the retirement and pension failures. This will lead to a cascading effect throughout the economy and result in widespread bank failures. The bank failures will be the topic of Part Two of this series.

Periodically, in the past five years, I have warned that the globalists were putting together a multi-level plot to steal all of your cash assets. For myself, this process has been like watching a bridge being built with every phase of construction, in some way, being dedicated to finishing the job. Then, when the bridge is complete, the cars begin to drive on the bridge. This is where we are at today from an economic point of view. The globalists have systematically put into place a thorough undermining of your cash assets. Why? When the preplanned collapse comes, these shadowy forces will control youand this globalist bridge to disaster is almost complete.

The following is a brief summary of what the globalists have done, the trap has been set and the country is largely unaware. After you read this article as well as tomorrow’s Part Two, you will have no excuse but to prepare, if you have time, because the collapse of our economy could come today or tomorrow or in two years.

From This Day Forward, Most Americans Will Never Know Retirement

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