Economic Collapse Watch: Venezuelan Military Delivers Sugar For Storage To Central Bank Gold Vault

Tuesday, April 17, 2018
By Paul Martin
April 17, 2018

The situation getting worse by the day. Here’s an update (with video) on the hyperinflation and economic collapse happening in real time…

The situation in Venezuela is getting worse by the day.

We’ve got some street level prices of what goods actually cost.

To say that prices have gone parabolic is an understatement. When a one-and-a-half pound block of cheese nearly costs a month’s worth of wages (see below), you know things are very close to the end.

I have long argued that Venezuela is a taste of things to come in the United States. People counter and say, “No way, the United States is not some third world country”.

True, the U.S. isn’t a third world country. Yet.

But now I actually think things could get even worse here than in Venezuela because of an armed populace addicted to entitlements such as Section 8, Food Stamps, Obamacare, and other things the government takes care of but cannot afford.

In other words, think of the riots we get in some inner-cities when a cop shoots and kills a person. Now add in some hunger pangs, electricity being cut off because of non-payment, and a government telling us how great America is, and we have a recipe for a disaster much worse than Venezuela is experiencing.

Back on track.

We’re seeing hyperinflation in real time, and one of the craziest parts is just how hyper-inflationary things become before the whole system simply blows. Just when you think it’s about to have it’s final blow-off, it goes on for longer.

Here’s a quick run down of just how expensive some things have become, from The Organic Prepper:

One Bolivar is worth 0.000020 USD. The minimum wage is $5.21 or 1.800.000 Bs for a month. Now, how could we expect someone to live under these conditions? It is entirely unexplainable to me that this has not generated massive riots…yet.

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