World War 3 THREAT: Putin warned Russia NO MATCH for AMASSED NATO forces

Friday, April 13, 2018
By Paul Martin

RUSSIA would lose a war with NATO forces if the Syria crisis escalates into World War 3, Vladimir Putin has been warned.

Fri, Apr 13, 2018

Russia’s military forces are outnumbered and outmatched by the NATO presence in the Mediterranean and Russian leader Vladimir Putin should expect to lose if the situation in Syria escalates to World War 3, a former US diplomat has warned.

Dr Nabeel Khoury, who spent 25 years in the US Foreign Service, was speaking on BBC News about America’s expected response to the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian city of Douma, which it blames on the Assad regime.

He said: “Putin does not want a war, because whatever Putin has on the ground, even with his S-400 system, he is no match for the force that is being amassed with the NATO armada already there in the Mediterranean.

“His forces are no match for that. He would lose a war in Syria.

“And he would not want to escalate into a full world war with nuclear weapons.”

He added: “Trump doesn’t also. Trump is very reluctant. He is being pushed into action by some of his military advisors, not all of them.

“But, frankly, Trump doesn’t want to end up in a big war. He has a fear of escalation. He also has a fear of Putin, this strange relationship between him and Putin which no one has fully analysed yet.

“This relationship stops Trump from even badmouthing Putin. So that even now, with the drums of war sounding off, he is giving a heads-up to Putin.”

US President Donald Trump is currently weighing up his response to the suspected poison gas attack that hit Douma, in the Eastern Ghouta region of Syria, on Saturday, killing more than 60 and leaving hundreds more in need of medical attention.

He sparked fears of a major escalation on Monday when he rebuked Russia for its support of the Assad regime and suggested that American missiles were already on their way to Syria.

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One Response to “World War 3 THREAT: Putin warned Russia NO MATCH for AMASSED NATO forces”

  1. Caroline

    WHO WRITES THIS BULL SHIT??? Does anyone remember that a flyby of the USS Donald Duck caused a complete shut-down of all the electronics??? What the hell makes anyone think that the Russians have lost that capability? When/if a shooting match starts in Syria or any other location all they need do is “turn off the competition” and that shit is a done deal.

    This is the arm flailing maniacs in the Pentagram and district of criminals. Know this…not one of those sons-of-bitches that are promoting this or any other war is going to pick up a weapon and go fight. District of Criminals will send YOUR SONS AND DAUGHTERS out to fight, not their own.

    Look at what Bush-whack did during that melee…didn’t do squat. It was a draft dodger to the Nth degree. Where was that niggruh??? It was old enough to go fight. Oh…sorry, I forgot the niggruh is an alien and not a citizen of the U.S. so could not be inducted into the military. Besides, if that niggruh had been in a war zone, there would not be sufficient pampers to car for it.

    Send the house and senate out with some m-16’s if they want a war and see how long that noise last!!!


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