The Deep State Is Desperate! Is a False Flag Bio-Terror Event Next??

Wednesday, April 4, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
April 4th, 2018

In yesterday’s article, I detailed the depth of the threat of the coming “caravan to madness” of like-minded and demanding immigrants that was coming our way.

The Deep State Is In Desperation Mode

The Deep state has lost control of the minds of the people because of the Trump Presidency and the Independent Media’s relentless pursuit of the truth.

The Deep State lost the 2016 Presidential election.

The Deep State is losing on the CALEXIT deal which begin the political breakup of the United States as the New California movement has overtaken CALEXIT.

TheDeep State has resorted to invasion by immigration and the planned implantation of paramilitary forces inside the United States. They are failing as Trump has committed the military to the border.

The Deep State has one ace up its sleeve and it is a bio-terror false flag event designed to cripple this country. This is where the buck stops and this is the next move on the part of the Deep State.


Yes, we need immigration to counter our declining national birth rate. However, it is the right of our government, on behalf of the people, to determine who we let into our country in an orderly and lawful manner. No immigrant group, foreign or domestic, has the collective right to control our democratic process and choose which laws will, or will not be followed. At the end of the day, all of these groups are receiving their funding and subsequent organization from George Soros and other Deep state operatives. The purpose is always the same, pretend an immigrant group is being victimized and their non-existent Constitutional rights are being violated. Meanwhile, the rest of the country is supposed to financially support and enable this illegal process. Our immigration laws are humane and legal and yet, they are not being followed to the detriment of all parties, except for the Deep State which is trying to destroy the fabric of America for their own globalist purposes.

The Trump Card for Anarchy and National Suicide

President Trump, as I conclusively demonstrated and documented in yesterday’s article, has demonstrated that he is fully away that the latest immigration “caravan” is not about a mere would-be 1,500 illegal aliens. This is the benign group. This is the group that is public and consists of many women and children. The President would never scrap NAFTA and DACA over 1,500 immigrants as he has threatened to do. However, this is merely the first wave of immigrants that are coming our way along our entire 2,300 mile southern border. The waves that are following and are going to follow this first, innocuous wave of immigrants, is not benign. They are controlled by terrorists. They are a paramilitary force (eg MS-13). They are also a well-trained Red Dawn type of invasion force. Also, it was also revealed in yesterday’s article, that there is a planned immigrant invasion from our northern border as well. President Trump has said “enough is enough”. Here are various reports on how far the President is willing to go to stop this invasion.

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