Red Dawn or Paramilitary Force? Either Way, It Is Showtime

Tuesday, April 3, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
April 3rd, 2018

Yesterday, I asserted that the first set of waves connected to a Red Dawn invasion is headed our way. Initially, this is no more than a 5th column set of forces that is being trained in El Salvador and. Honduras.

The group that is sponsoring the wave of immigrants coming to America is headquartered in the United States and receives funding from supporters of the Democratic Party.

From Agenda 21 Radio:

Organized by a group of volunteers called Pueblos Sin Fronteras, or People Without Borders, the caravan is intended to help migrants safely reach the United States, bypassing not only authorities who would seek to deport them, but gangs and cartels who are known to assault vulnerable migrants.

Organizers like Rodrigo Abeja hope that the sheer size of the crowd will give immigration authorities and criminals pause before trying to stop them.

In yesterday’s article, I presented evidence which conclusively showed that Trump was not about to derail NAFTA and DACA because of a mere 1500 immigrants. There are hundreds of thousands behind them and they span the entire border with Mexico.

This immigrant invasion is not about immigrants, it is about terrorists and this article will clearly highlight the fact that many of our leaders are aware of his and are acting upon this premise.

The Roots of a Red Dawn Invasion Force

In Junuary of 2018, I interviewed talk show host, Kathy Rubio, from Minnesota. Previously, I also interviewed Kathy Rubio in May 0f 2016. She informed my audience at that time that a Red Dawn style invasion force was being prepared to attack America. The first wave of the attack would be spearheaded by paramilitary forces being spearheaded and organized by the world’s largest drug cartel, the Sanchez Paredes out of Peru. This cartel originally coordinated the partnership between the top terrorist organizations of the world, including ISIS, the Mexican drug cartels and MS-13.

In the following interview, Kathy identifies police and soliders through Latin America, who are presently affiliated with MS-13, who are training at joint-sponsored base camps in El Salvador and Honduras whose purpose it is to train a Viet Cong stule 5th column to invade the United States. This group will create such havoc inside the United States, it will allow the United Nations to introduce its military to operate on American soil under the Kigali Principles which Obama signed with the UN before leaving office.

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