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Sunday, April 1, 2018
By Paul Martin

By: Deepcaster
Sunday, 1 April 2018

Surmounting Impediments to Profit and Wealth Protection in increasingly Volatile Markets requires Understanding and Surmounting Threats to Freedom, though these Threats to Freedom are not always obvious.

Here, we expose several Main Freedom Threats and indicate how to help Surmount them and thus enhance Opportunities for Profit and Wealth Protection, and Privacy.

Globalism vs Nationalism & Internationalism

It should be obvious that the farther away (physically and/or economically) Investors/Citizens are from centers of Economic, Financial and Political Power, the less Freedom and Clout (and often, accurate information) they have to protect their own interests.

The citizens of the European Union are finding this out the hard way as their freedoms are impaired by the Great Regional Bank, the ECB, and a far-away Brussels government which has, for example, allows Millions of Non-European Migrants to threaten Europeans Personal Safety and thus Freedom as well being a Massive NET Burden on EU Nations’ Taxpayers (and re The U.S.A. see NET Costs of Legal Immigration Study at Carrying Capacity Network—$1000 per year NET per U.S. Taxpayer See Note 1). And thus, the ECB and the EU Government dominate formerly relatively independent Nations and National Banks, much to the detriment of their Citizens, shareholders and their Nations.

Globalist And Regionalist Institutions thus tend to elevate their Interest above those of Citizens of Nations they dominate.

The Cloud

Allowing one’s Business or Personal Data to exist on Remote Servers over which one ultimately has little or no Control, creates potential for incalculable harm or loss. Savvy Businesses and Investors increasingly understand this and increasing numbers are using dedicated “Private Clouds” or, better, eschewing Clouds altogether. As the Facebook debacle demonstrates, allowing one’s personal or business data to be put on someone else’s “Cloud” can result in loss of Money and Privacy and Control and thus, Freedom.

In sum, centralized Databases are Vulnerable to Monitoring by Hostile Interests, Rogue Governments and Institutions, Politicization and Authoritarian Government Control (cf China and Massive Hacking [cf Equifax hacking]).

Decentralized Databases within one’s Physically Secure Control are the Answer.

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