David Moadel: Get Gold / Get Silver…”The U.S. dollar, Federal Reserve Note just received notice that it’s days are officially numbered.”

Sunday, April 1, 2018
By Paul Martin

APRIL 1, 2018 ·

David Moadel, Chief Researcher for Bond and Gold Markets, Portfolio Wealth Global, stopped by to discuss what had happened at the beginning of the week as China began this new venture with the oil futures contacts priced in yuan. This, naturally, rolled into the other areas the oil market would touch upon, like the broader base of commodities such as gold and silver. With gold being money and insurance against the wealth transfer that has been underway for more than 100 years now, it seems the need for people to hold gold and silver has never been stronger. Now is the time to “get the gold and get the silver”.

“If we’re trusting the central banks and government to have our back, as traders and investors, I think we’ll be sorely disappointed. People who position themselves now really will be the beneficiary down the line. David Moadel ~The Daily Coin

If you don’t hold gold and silver you should. If you still have “faith and confidence” in any government or banking institution you shouldn’t. I began betting against governments and the banking class in a simple way – acquired a few coins of silver. Then I acquired more silver coins, bars and rounds. Then I added gold coins, bars and rounds to the mix. This is how one bets against the government. Every time I exchange Federal Reserve Notes for gold or silver I am placing another bet the government and banking class are going to crumble as history has shown every empire and every fiat currency in the history of the world has fallen and turned to dust. Gold and silver remain standing after each and every fall. The U.S. dollar, Federal Reserve Note just received notice that it’s days are officially numbered. We can not stop it, we can only prepare for the coming change. That change has now been set in motion.

What began as the first full week of spring, which is a time of rebirth and renewal, we have seen one major “rebirth” in the oil market and then we finished the week with a renewed interest in the world reserve currency status of the Federal Reserve Note. China insured the world would revisit this idea of world reserve currency when she made her grand announcement on Saturday. It’s funny these events are unfolding during Holy Week and culminating on the day of the resurrection. Nothing happens by coincidence.

China launched the new futures oil contract priced in yuan/renminbi which is a major shift, the first in more than forty years, for a global price of oil outside the world reserve currency, Federal Reserve Note, U.S. dollar. The futures contracts performed well and certainly grabbed headlines all across the globe. Then a funny thing happened on Saturday March 31 (Saturday in the Western world, but Sunday April 1 in the Eastern world). China announced, while most of the Christian Western world was focused on the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the end of Holy Week, China decided it was the perfect time to announce she was no longer going to pay for oil in dollars but would be paying for oil in yuan. This is beyond mind-blowing.

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