Is the White House Down?

Thursday, March 29, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
March 29th, 2018

I am growing inreasingly concerned that the White House has been compromised and the President Trump is being prevented from carrying out his agenda. There have been some shocking developments coming out of the White House in the past week that has made me question who is in charge.

The appointment of John Bolton is very troubling. He is a globalist warmonger and his presence can only mean one thing. He was brought in for the sole purpose of starting World War III.

President Trump had seemed to be getting the Korean crisis under control. North Korea’s leader has blinked and said that he would agree to give up his nuclear weapons and seek reunification with South Korea. A summit was discussed by Trump presumably to be scheduled in May. Now, the talk of Trump led peace talks has disappeared from the President’s messages to the public. Kim is so frightened he secretly went to China after CFR mainstay Bolton entered the White House. Since Bolton came on the scene, we have sent massive amounts of troops into Jordan along with tanks and tactical nuclear weapons. America, we are on the verge of World War III. This is a complete reversal of where the President stood only two weeks ago.

The Omnibus
I have an important disclosure. First, if Donald Trump were to run for President in 2020, in the present environment, I would vote for him, despite the difference I have with the President on supporting baby killers and increasing the amount of foreigners coming into America who will take American jobs (see Omnibus bill). However, based on comments associated with the first video, left by Trump supporters, I feel compelled to state the following:

I have risked my life and the lives of my family to support this President. If the Deep State is ever successful in taking complete control of the reigns of government, through the Democratic Party, I will be on the first bus to a FEMA camp, or worse, as will many of my friends (eg Steve Quayle, Paul Martin, Mike Adams, Dr. Ted Broer).

In supporting this President and opposing Hillary Clinton, I have cost myself employment, money and been subject to extreme criticism from some of my friends and family. Supporting Trump has turned many parts of my life upside down. How dare anyone question my resolve to Make America Great Again. I have been all in since the early days of the Trump campaign. I have been called a Russian subversive agent by the liberal media, namely, the New York Times and the Washington Post. In supporting Trump, my reputation has taken enormous hits, but I am still standing with this President.

For the record, Donald Trump is a flawed man who has fallen short of the glory of God, as we all have.

I am shocked at how many Donald Trump zealots are patrolling social media. The slightest bit of criticism directed at Trump is met with vehemence and retribution. News flash: Donald Trump is not Jesus Christ and when he steps out of line, he opens himself up for criticism.

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