Wednesday, February 28, 2018
By Paul Martin

White teachers are inherently violent racists, say leftists

Jamie White
FEBRUARY 28, 2018

If teachers arm themselves, they will be inclined to execute black and Hispanic children, according several leftist outlets.

“Putting guns into the hands of schoolteachers would be extraordinarily dangerous for black and Latino students,” wrote The Washington Post’s Stacey Patton on Tuesday.

“How long would it be, if Trump’s plan became reality, before a teacher shoots a black student and then invokes the ‘I feared for my life’ defense we continually hear from police officers who misinterpret young black people’s behavior with deadly consequences?”

CNN’s Van Jones voiced a similar opinion, claiming minority students will be “victimized” by racist teachers.

“If you start just passing around guns in schools as they are, given some of the bias that’s there, you might wind up having those guns used against students in ways that are not good,” he said.

Several other leftist teachers also insisted that arming teachers would threaten minority students.

Far-left publication Slate opted for keeping schools as defenseless gun-free zones, saying trained teachers will cause an “outright shootout” should a would-be shooter enter the premises.

“Even assuming teachers and educators with the readiness and training of soldiers or law enforcement, the presence of additional guns risks turning a school shooting into an outright shootout, with students and faculty in the crossfire,” wrote Jamelle Bouie. “Hitting a mobile target isn’t easy, and in the heat of a crisis, armed teachers are as likely to hit innocent students as they are the shooter.”
The left’s assertion that white teachers are racist killers is both ridiculous and unfounded.

First, over 80% of educators are white, according to data from the National Center for Education Statistics. If the left’s belief that white teachers are violent racists was correct, we’d be faced with an epidemic of violent teacher-on-student hate crimes across the nation, which is clearly not the case.

Also consider the teachers at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who took action during the deadly shooting.

Several white faculty not only died helping students get to safety, but one coach (who was a Trump supporter) sacrificed himself as a human shield during the massacre to save lives.

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