Only Armed Personnel In Every School Can Protect Our Children

Thursday, February 22, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
February 22nd, 2018

I did my student teaching at Columbine High School in Littleton, CO. Do you think I am sensitive to the topic of school shootings? Once upon a time, I was very proficient in martial arts and various forms of self-defense and I have taught classes to individuals and groups. Individuals like myself and Bob Griswold and myself have a degree of situational awareness that most in our society do not have. Anyone with any degree of training in self-defense will tell you, that our present level of self-defense practiced in our schools is criminally negligent.

Do not blame the teachers, the administrators or even the school boards. They are overwhelmed by mindlessfederal and state government liberal bureaucrats that believe that the designation “gun-free-zones” somehow makes our students safer. What a joke! Such a declaration is a message of “open season” on defenseless students and teachers.

The liberal morons who run much of our society don’t even give a second thought to protecting the targets of a would-be-mass-murderer. Their only response is to seize the guns which is an exercise in futility. There are over 300 million guns in America. No amount of registration and even gun confiscation can even make a dent. Why? Because they FBI tells us that 90% of the gun used in a crime are stolen, that’s why! Ron Paul put out a statement where decries the illogic of such a move.

We have George Soros inspired and funded young people who just magically organized themselves into organized protest rallies promoting gun confiscation, like a teenager would know the first thing about organizing such a movement. This is the definition of an orchestrated event.

There is an objective, from the liberal left, on why they want all the guns and they are willing to exploit school shootings to achieve their objective, but that is another topic for another day. For the purposes of this article, I want to call attention to the fact that we virtually doing nothing to protect the lives of the 50 million people who enter our public schools everyday. We have armed guards and searches of people entering sporting events, concerts and to board a plane, but somehow, we don’t care enough about our children to protect them.

The Anatomy of Student Defense Against In a Live Shooting Event

Across America, it is pretty much the same when it comes to student defense during an active shooter event. There is virutally no defense against a live shooter. The only official strategy is for the teacher to lock one’s classroom, turn out the lights and get on the floor. The strategy seems to presume that the classroom door and the surrounding walls are bullet-proof. They most certainly are not.

When a classroom contains students and their teacher, and the gunman shoots his way into a locked room, the massacre begins and it is like shooting fish in a barrel. These people are virtually defenseless. Wait! There are some high-risk strategies that could be taught to unarmed civilians caught in a confined space with an anticpated gunman entering their space. These stratgies are usually going to fail, however, at least it gives the would-be-victims somewhat of a fighting chance. Many school shootings are carried by assailants with an assault rifle and there is a moment when one enters a classroom with the assault rifle that they are vulnerable to being disarmed. If one were to position themselves adjacent to a door as the shooter enters the room, there is a time when a trained person could get inside the pivot range of the shooter and his weapon as they enter a doorway. The goal is get between the rifle and the shooters body and force the assailant to drop the weapon, where presumably a second, third and fourth person would be able to assist in getting the gun away from the would-be-mass-murderer. If the assailants gun is secure, the perpetrator must be instantly killed. Why? Because they could have a holstered weapon elsewhere on their body. How do I know this? In my martial arts training, conducted by an ex-special forces operative, we trained varous civic and private groups on self-defense methods. This is not a good fall-back strategy, however, it is better than the “lie-down and die” concealment strategy that we have in place, now. in our public schools.

The other strategy that should be employed in an active shooting event, is to run like hell away from the direction of the shots. If intended victims in venues, like the 2015 Paris theater and any public school could be taught this strategy, statistically speaking, lives would be saved because it is harder to shoot a moving target in the open, moving in a zig-zag pattern, than it is to murder a classroom full of students in a confined space with no escape. Our school safety policies are so flawed, we don’t even teach basic survival skills. In effect, schools rely on the statistical rarity that there school will not be victimized. I can accurately say that school defense has been reduced to a strategy of random chance and statistical unlikelihood.

In summary, our schools do not teach basic self-defense and rehearse the strategy. Our schools do not teach escape strategies and rehearse them. The students are taught to lie down and wait for the inevitable.

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