DEAD DOLLAR WALKING: Russian Deputy PM Says Banks Ready To Pull The Plug On SWIFT

Wednesday, February 14, 2018
By Paul Martin
February 14, 2018

Russia is ready to cut the cord on the Western controlled SWIFT system, and that’s not good news for anybody who uses dollars. Here’s an update…

Editor’s Note: We offer page after page of information on how the dollar is losing its status as World Reserve Currency, which culminates in the Death of the Petro-dollar and and eventual monetary reset. This has been taking place ever since Nixon “Closed the gold window” in 1971, and the move away from the U.S. debt-based fiat currency is reaching its final stages.

Nixon closes the gold window during an Sunday evening national television address (when governments like to bring the message of bad news):

rom Zero Hedge

Russian financial institutions are prepared to survive without access to SWIFT (The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) – the global dollar-based interbank payments network – should the US and European Union follow through with threats to cut it off, according to Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich.

“Certainly, it is unpleasant, as it will prove a stumbling block for companies and banks, and will slow down work. It will be inevitable to deploy some aged technologies for information transfer and calculations. However, the companies are technically and psychologically ready for the shutdown as this threat was repeatedly voiced,” Dvorkovich said, according to TASS and RT, adding that such a dramatic step would negatively corporations doing business in the US and Europe.

“In general, disconnecting Russia from SWIFT would be a crazy step on the part of our Western partners.
It is obvious that for the companies which work in Europe and the US it would be harmful. And this applies not only to the shutdown of the service,” he said.

The US and European Union have been periodically threatening to disconnect Russia from SWIFT since 2014 (over SWIFT’s own objections), when the conflict in Ukraine flared up and the two powers introduced the first round of international penalties against Moscow for its alleged involvement.

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