Hyperinflation Watch: Paying The Price For Something So Sweet

Thursday, February 8, 2018
By Paul Martin

February 8, 2018

An item we all likely buy on a regular basis has a double-whammy price that includes inflation plus shrinkflation. We know how this story ends…

We have taken many looks at different types of inflation in the Hyperinflation Watch.

We chronological, in real time, the early stages of hyperinflation that keep creeping up on a global scale.

We’re not talking about Venezuela or Zimbabwe here, but First World industrialized nations.

Here’s the thing: When taken individually, these isolated incidences seem unrelated, but just like snowflakes accumulate one by one on the mountaintop before the deadly avalanche, as time goes by these seemingly unrelated goods and services take their cumulative toll on everybody and eventually turn into a full blown loss of confidence in the currency.

You see, at a point, as sheeple as the masses may be, something clicks in the collective psyche and we enter into what is called a “crack-up boom”.

Think any of the hyperinflation of late, and that’s where we’re headed. Whether it’s the Wiemar Hyperinflation, or the more recent Zimbabwe or Venezuelan Hyperinflations, that is the end stage.

The death spiral happens on the periphery, but make no mistake about it. We’ll get there at some point.

Sometimes I highlight goods, other times its services, and there’s even been a time I’ve highlighted a virtual good. Check out the link at the beginning of this article to see some of the different topics.

This week, let’s look at something that may people take for granted: The chocolate bar.

And for this edition, we’re going across the pond for the news.

It’s fitting.

In somewhat of an irony to George Orwell and a point he made about chocolate in his famous book 1984, let’s first start with some doublespeak since this is a doubly-bad inflation plus shrinkflation whammy.

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