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Monday, February 5, 2018
By Paul Martin

Michael J. Ballanger
Monday, 5 February 2018

Michael Ballanger discusses the latest developments in the precious metals sector.

One of the things from which I occasionally enjoy a good chuckle is the insecurity displayed by bloggers or newsletter writers who are constantly in need of positive reinforcement derived by reminding readers of their “incredible market calls.” It is always readily-predictable because just before they ask you to buy something (like a subscription), they post a link to emphasize their brilliance with phrases like “as you know” or “back in 2017” providing breathtaking introductions to their most recent “BUY SIGNAL” or “TRADE RECOMMENDATION.”

Now, I ALSO tend to post some of my “calls” (such as calling Bitcoin a “BUBBLE” at $2,000, $5,000, $10,000 and finally $19,981), but at least I am happy to poke fun at myself because in sixteen days I am officially a “Senior Citizen” so the only reason that I post links to my past forecasts is that it allows me to remember where I live and what my email address is. If I could get away with posting where I left my keys, I would plaster it all over the internet so I could retrieve them by simply doing a “MJB KEYS” Google Search. And May God Bless the Internet.

Speaking of the internet, I absolutely LOVE YouTube. When I was younger and decided that I had no time to try to save money, I rarely had the time nor the interest in learning how to change a furnace filter or hang curtains. Mind you, as a kid, I used to boost old, discarded lawnmowers from the local junkyard after luring that incredibly fierce German Shepherd over to the fence with hamburgers discarded from the local MacDonald’s and turn the engines into Go-Karts (for a “nominal fee,” of course).

As I get older and am forced to be more frugal, I have lately been going to YouTube and searching out things of zero interest to Millennials nor Gen-X-ers that usually are related to tasks that I USED to do but which are now in need of a “knowledge upgrade” because the freaking carburetor I USED to fix is “no longer in stock.” You can learn literally EVERYTHING that you failed to learn as a “younger person” on the YouTube site and all you need to do is ask. By example, as I was trying to take my beloved Fido for a grooming (bath and a shave) last week, this 140-lb. canine decided to jump into the front seat and into my lap at the PRECISE second that I was negotiating the starboard side of the garage resulting in the strategic circumcision of the passenger-side mirror. Well, the point of this invective is that after taking out the mirror and after scolding the dog, I called around to get quotes for repairs to the now-dangling side-view mirror and the lowest was from the local Port Perry “Mr. Fix-It” who came in at $650 parts-and-labor. So I went to my tablet and located a site called A1A Auto Repairs out of east-central Florida and not only did I get a discounted price on the mirror, they had a video of some guy showing me how to remove the old mirror and install the new. Needless to say, the entire exercise cost me $125 (Canadian) and most of that was in beefed-up shipping costs because I didn’t like the look of the old mirror duct-taped in place while driving around town.

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