Will World War III Begin In Outer Space?

Thursday, February 1, 2018
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
February 1st, 2018

The world’s most troublesome hotspots may not be in the South China Sea, Taiwan, Korea, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Israel, Kashmir, Pakistan, Ukraine or Spain’s coming civil war. In fact, the coming global conflict may not be located on any map. In order to view the battlefield of tomorrow, just look up into the night sky, to Earth orbit, where a conflict is unfolding that is an arms race by any stretch of the imagination.

If Russia and China decided to launch a concerted attack on military satellites, it would leave America and Europe much more vulnerable to attack by either air or ground forces. If either nation destroyed civilian satellites, the economic effects and loss of life could be profound.

China and Russia Preparing for War In Space

China and Russia are building laser weapons and jamming technology which could target the United States military satellites which are orbiting Earth.

The Joint Staff intelligence directorate, known as J-2, published the warning in a recent report on the growing threat of anti-satellite (ASAT) weapons from China and Russia, according to The Washington Free Beacon.

China and Russia are colluding with each other to limit U.S. defenses in space through collaboration and the development of ASAT weapons.

“Ten years after China intercepted one of its own satellites in low-earth orbit, its ground-launched ASAT missiles are probably operational. Russia’s Defense Ministry has completed the construction of two radars for the country’s Space Forces and four storage facilities for Bulava sea-launched intercontinental ballistic missiles according to Defense Minister Timur Ivanov.

Both China and Russia have made significant gains in satellite killing technology. In 2007, China spectacularly tested a weapon capable of knocking a satellite out of orbit. They have learned how to jam weapons, use sophisticated laser weapons, and they are een bragging about it.

About 1,300 active satellites occupy near-earth orbit, providing weather pridctions, worldwide communications, GPS navigation and planetary surveillance for the purpose of establishing over the horizon radar for purposes of winning the battles of tomorrow. For militaries that rely on some of those satellites for modern warfare, space has become the king of the hill.

What most people do not realize is that a space could cripple the entire planet’s space-based infrastructure. And even though it might begin in space, such a conflict could easily start World War III.

Testifying before Congress earlier this year, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper echoed the concerns held by many senior government officials about the growing threat to U.S. satellites, saying that China and Russia are both “developing capabilities to deny access in a conflict,” such as those that might erupt over China’s military activities in the South China Sea or Russia’s in Ukraine. China in particular, Clapper said, has demonstrated “the need to interfere with, damage and destroy” U.S. satellites, referring to a series of Chinese anti-satellite missile tests that began in 2007.

The weapon of the future, lasers, can be used to temporarily disable or permanently damage a satellite’s components, particularly its delicate sensors, and radio or microwaves can jam or abscond with transmissions to or from ground controllers. Lasers comprise only part of the arsenal of space.

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