DACA & Illegal Immigration Solution: Deport Them All – Arrest Those Who Harbor Them

Sunday, January 28, 2018
By Paul Martin

JANUARY 27, 2018

People need to get the facts straight on illegal immigration. For example, many do not know why DACA dreamers are illegal, why sanctuary city officials everywhere in the US should be arrested and prosecuted, and why there should be no exceptions when it comes to them being deported.

DACA dreamers are living in this country illegally since they were brought here by their families who entered the US illegally. The whole Dream Act was an Executive Order signed by Obama in 2012, which is in itself illegal since it goes against existing Federal immigration laws both at that time and at present.

This is so, because any Executive Order or Executive Action signed by a president that clearly is in violation of existing laws is illegal and not worth the paper it was written on.

Therefore, all dreamers are nothing more than illegal aliens, like the rest of the millions of them in this country.

The recent call by the DOJ to arrest and prosecute all sanctuary city officials from the mayor’s down is something that has been needed for decades.

The bottom line here is these people are harboring criminals, a direct violation of both Federal and State laws.

Since the people they are protecting are criminals by virtue of being here in the first place.

Each mayor, city council member, and official in a sanctuary city should be arrested, prosecuted for violating Federal laws and immediately replaced with an interim government, chosen by the Federal government, no exceptions.

Cities who give sanctuary to IAs need to have any Federal funding they are receiving immediately cut.

The very act of allowing illegal aliens to stay in this country is an insult to the millions of immigrants who want to become US citizens legally. It demeans their efforts in going through a timely and rigorous process to become US citizens.

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