Time to Label BLM & Antifa International Terrorist Groups & Weed Out Members In Government From Local Level Up

Wednesday, December 27, 2017
By Paul Martin

DECEMBER 27, 2017

The latest removal of Confederate Monuments in two Memphis, Tennessee parks recently follows along the same lines of corruption, as did the Black Lives Matter inspired removal of Confederate Monuments in New Orleans, Louisiana earlier this year. As was the case in NOLA, where a so-called anonymous donor paid well over the million dollar mark to help Mich Landrieu finance the removal, the same has taken place in Memphis with the sale of the parks being sold to a BLM splinter group called Memphis Greenspace for $1,000 each.

Shelby County Commissioner Van Turner who is a member of Memphis Greenspace headed and orchestrated the removal.

Again, here in Memphis, like in NOLA we have the use of anonymous donations being used to finance the removal of Confederate Monuments. I doubt the actual cost of removal and storage of the monuments costs any less in Memphis than it did in NOLA which ended up costing millions, most of which ended being funded by taxpayer dollars from the city budget in NOLA.

As is the case with all efforts to get both Confederate and other historical monuments and statues removed in the South and other parts of the country, the nucleus of the movement is the heavily funded BLM terrorist group. BLM is mainly funded by George Soros, but receives what amounts to over a billion dollars annually from scattered sources including celebrities, corporations, and various politically motivated organizations such as the Ford Foundation. It is also known that the Ford Foundation is a heavy contributor to the Clinton Foundation which donates millions to terrorist groups of the likes of ANTIFA.

Both BLM and ANTIFA falsely identify themselves as anti-Fascist, pro equality, and anti prejudice, while their actions prove otherwise.

These groups have a violent record dating back to the resulting organized civil unrest in many major cities across the country in 2012, in protest of the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin shooting.

The rioting has since escalated from there with the Ferguson Riots, violent protests across the country against Donald Trump both during the presidential campaign and after his win.

Since 2012, BLM and ANTIFA are responsible for around a billion dollars in property damage, the deaths of hundreds of people, both as a direct and indirect result of their orchestrated violence, and literally millions in medical expenses due to injuries related to their violent protests the world over.

The FBI and DHS have listed these groups as domestic terrorist organizations. Given the fact that both of these groups have thousands of local chapters in cities throughout the world it is time they are officially deemed international terrorist organizations.

In having local headquarters in most cities in the US, disguised under different names such as: Take Em Down NOLA (TEDNOLA) in New Orleans and Greenspace in Memphis for the group BLM, ANTIFA is no different and has literally thousands of chapters across the US mainly run by selected members in each city who can contact members in their area on a moment’s notice for a riot.

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One Response to “Time to Label BLM & Antifa International Terrorist Groups & Weed Out Members In Government From Local Level Up”

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    C.A.I.R. is the group that started the take down of monuments !!! Soros is the punk who funds and organizes the ignorant zombies known as Antifa.
    WHY are Soros and the 3rd world freaks that make up C.A.I.R. “NOT” in jail for violation of the RICO Act ???
    Answer : There’s no “NGO’s” formed by citizens to arrest those who are supposed to investigate and arrest them but don’t. Get it ? Our government’s been hijacked so WE THE PEOPLE have to take over ! Investigate and arrest chem trail pilots CAIR, Soros AND THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN BLACKMAILED OR BRIBED NOT TO.

    Next … form a new country for white Christian patriots ONLY. An enlarged Confederate States Of America !


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