Ask Your Clergy Response Team Pastor If UN Troops Have Entered Chicago

Tuesday, December 26, 2017
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
December 26th, 2017

I have never seen a time such as the one we are living in. We have so simultaneous threats to our health and well-being, that it is difficult to know where to begin. ISIS is running rampant across America. The Russians and Chinese are bombarding us with cyber attacks on a moment by moment basis. Former President Obama left the Alaskan back door open for Russian invasion, China and Russia have married their economies and are adopting the Gold Standard, the Petrodollar is under extreme attack, the Russian and Chinese are producing a super class of weapons, North Korea has ICBM’s pointed at the United States, China is taking over the South China Sea, the UN is in Chicago awaiting orders to roll out martial law, Illinois is on the verge of bankruptcy, California is burning to the ground and this is list is just getting started.

Recognizing Misdirection

As a young basketball player, I was taught how to play defense by watching the midsection of my opponent. I learned that he could not go anywhere without his midsection. All the misdirection and fakes and clever moves did not mean a thing, as long as I kept my eyes on his midsection. In many of my discussions with various pastors, I am convinced that by the DHS directives they are given, we can begin to predict what is going to happen. This is DHS’ main leak. Recently, I was told by a pastor that he should put real pressure on his congregation to give 10% of their income to the church. Although it is not Biblical, reciprocity is not part of our faith. You do not give God a dollar with the hope that you will get 10 dollars back. That trick is only used by the Federal Reserve through an illegal practice called Fractional Reserve Banking, but it is not Christian! However, pastors are being told to create that there should be hope in the economy. This is clear sign to me that we are looking a failed economy and pastors are being used perpetuate the deception that the economy is fine. I recently spoke with a pastor who sees through the facade. He is too afraid to come out in the open, because he fears IRS retribution, but he says he’s convinced that the economy is failing and unemployed people will be sent to FEMA camps. Watch your pastors, they are midsection of the soon-to-be martial law takeover of America.

Means Testing Your Pastor

I am going to receive emails from pastors across the country telling me that their church is a pure as the driven snow. Here is how you can tell if your pastor and your church engages in the prime directive of Jesus, saving souls for all eternity. That means getting on the right side of God at this very moment. In the past year, has your pastor condemned the following from the pulpit:

1.The practice of murdering 70 million babies and then allowing Planned Parenthood to sell the body parts for profit.
2.Condemned gay marriage as not being Biblical.
3.Condemned America’s wars of occupation that have killed millions.
4.Condemned the Deep State’s and former Obama administrations war on Christianity.
5.Choose an issue, any issue where the government is not behaving in a Biblical manner. It is the duty of the Pastor to condemn such actions and then to lead by example. Jesus chased the money-changers from the Temple, have you seen anything resembling this action in recent history.

If your Pastor is not condemning the satanic policies of many elements of our government, then you are in the wrong church. However, sins of ommission are not the only problem that we face in American churches, many of your pastors have joined the other side.

Your Pastor Knows the Date of Martial Law Implementation

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