The UN Is Making Their Presence Known At Rendition Centers In Chicago

Wednesday, December 20, 2017
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
December 20th, 2017

It’s happening a lot faster than I thought it would. What is happening you may ask? The UN takeover over of Chicago is underway and I am shocked at the rapidity of the movement. Please consider the following email that is representative of several that I have received over the past few days:

Dear Dave,

I have lived in North Chicago for decades and I know when something is not right. There are a lot things I could mention but the presence of black helicopters that are buzzing houses is very upsettting with what I now know is going on as reported in your articles on the United Nations taekover of Chicago. I don’t see how this is not connected with the planned UN takeover of Chicago. What can you tell me? Thanks for all you do.


I can’t speak to what Robert and others who have reached out to me are seeing. However, I can speak to what I am being told by one of my sources in which he is saying that the Chicago black sites are now resurfacing, in their notoriety. The black sites were prominently featured in the Independent Media back in 2015.

The Blacksites were a local form of the NDAA that surfaced in Chicago. It is where people would go to disappear for awhile. People who were arrested and taken to the site were subjected to extreme treatment, denied basic liberties including the right to an attorney. Infowars, at the time, even went so far as to send a news team to the primary black site.

I was recently asked by one of my best sources whatever became of my investigation into the black sites. I reported that the topic faded away without any real resolution. At that point I was told that my source had reliable information that UN personnel, along with DHS, were making their presence known at the primary black site. The implication is that the UN/DHS is going to be involved in FEMA camp type activities in regard to the planned “policing” of Chicago by UN “Peacekeepers”. It strongly appears that the UN is going be doing a lot more than patrolling the streets trying to stop gun violence as claimed by Commissioner Boykin of the Cook County County Commissioners.

Based upon this revelation, it is imperative that we look at the topic of FEMA camps and foreign involvement on American soil. Here is what we know about foreign troop involvement in Chicago.

From FM 39.4: Training Foreigners To Take Over the Camps

The Rest…HERE

2 Responses to “The UN Is Making Their Presence Known At Rendition Centers In Chicago”

  1. Dumbfounded

    Attention gmo’d chem trailed chlorinated fluoridated TV brainwashed sports watchers : Of COURSE they’re taking over. They’ve pushed and pushed you and you do nothing ( except blog e-mail and talk, ) so they’re laughing at you. MKUltra bloggers who’ve been unknowingly hypnotized in the past to put out info detrimental to patriots, ( like get fake id and a bug out bag and run, ) are “SHOCKED” at the rapidity of the take over 🙂 Notice NONE of the IM ( independent media, ) suggest what the founders would’ve already done if here today : to condense all white Christians into a very enlarged Confederate States to save what’s left of AmeriKa. Nope. Someone might call them a name 🙂

  2. Dumbfounded

    Ya know … we might as well watch / read / hear the CM, ( controlled media, ) cause at least there we’d “feel” ok till the Titanic actually sank !? Neither the CM or IM has ANY useful SOLUTIONS. Just blah blah blah ….


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