WIRED magazine now promoting cannibalism as latest left-wing trendy idea

Thursday, December 14, 2017
By Paul Martin

by: JD Heyes
Thursday, December 14, 2017

Have you ever read a headline that made you do a double-take just because it sounds so outrageous there’s no way it could be true?

I’m guessing you may have done just that with the headline to this story. I know I did a double take when the editor assigned it.

But yeah, the gist of it is absolutely true: Insane liberals now think it’s ‘trendy’ to eat other people.

As noted by The Federalist Papers, it isn’t a “click-baity” thing, either. It’s the real deal.

A piece in Wired magazine posits this question: “What’s wrong with eating people?” — then goes on to extort the ‘virtues’ of doing so.

Under the category of “Food” — again, not even making this up — writer Richard Wordsworth, in his Oct. 28 piece, actually suggests that we could all “soon be dining on lab-grown celebrity canapés and lightly-seasoned chunks” of our “loved ones.”

“But is the world ready for synthesized cannibalism?”

Does he really feel its necessary to ask that question and then explore it as a viable option? Yes, apparently so — and sadly, so did Wired magazine. (Related: Lab-grown meat will never feed the world or be commercially viable.)

And amazingly, he couches this ridiculous insanity on the premise that “a juicy human burger” would be “guaranteed cruelty-free” because, in the future, human ‘meat’ will be lab-grown. So you know, “no-one gets their leg sawn off for your signature slow-cooked tagine,” and “no-one even has to die these days.”

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