www.Freedom.social: A Platform Created to Save America, and Save Humanity…(Join Us!!)

Wednesday, December 13, 2017
By Paul Martin

www.Freedom.social: A Platform Created to Save America, and Save Humanity

Since the 1996 Telecommunications Act, the American media has been consolidated into six multinational propaganda outlets that call the truth fake while the main stream media promotes fake news with a divide and conquer agenda, while Facebook and YouTube sensor independent media.

In 2013 President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Inserted into the NDAA was the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012. The reform effectively nullifies the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948, which was amended in 1985 specifically to prohibit U.S. organizations from using information “to influence public opinion in the United States.” The new law enables U.S. government programming to broadcast directly to domestic audiences for the first time. The law effectively allows the US government to use propaganda using their six media outlets.

A consistent pattern of acts that only be described as soft genocide is being committed on humanity with GMO foods, Fukushima fish, Solar Radiation Management (chemtrails), poison water, vaccines and soon 5g technology will emit harmful radiation across every community in the USA. All of this while the corporate fake media reports not a word.

Since 2008, every country in the world that has a central bank has near zero or negative interest rates and run large budget deficits, to make up for the difference countries digitally print money and add it to their debt. The entire world economy has intentionally been turned into a Ponzi scheme. All while the corrupt media reports a strong economy.

Cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm and the central banks and their media, aside of some propaganda, endorse and encourage investment into Digital Ledger Technology (DLT or blockchain). In 2017, from manufactures to country assessors to county clerk’s offices are placing tangible assets and commodities on DLT utilizing standardization. The National Association of Realtors and CRT Labs https://crtlabs.org/2017/04/nars-research-blockchain/, a research group operated by the National Association of Realtor Center for Realtor Technology, are implementing DLT or Blockchain into all aspects of a real estate transaction https://crtlabs.org/?s=blockchain. RETS (Real Estate Transaction Standards) is the technology allows real estate software to communicate utilizing standardized data fields https://www.reso.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/W-CONROY-RESOSpring17.pdf. RETS is currently being utilized with DLT https://apiant.com/connect/Real-Estate-Transaction-Standard-to-Blockchain-Block-Explorer.

After all tangible assets and commodities are placed on DLT utilizing standardization, it will not matter what cryptocurrency you use, the standardization collects your personal data and the transaction is not anonymous and you can be taxed. The central bankers can then utilize “any” cryptocurrency to conduct transactions on centralized country specific blockchains and blockchains that utilize standardization.

Every country in the world will have its own DLT (blockchain) that has standardization and every tangible asset and commodity will have been added to country specific and county specific blockchains. This will allow countries to go to a cashless society and utilize negative interest rates.

Everything we see occurring in the world today is about one world government based on Technocracy, but to achieve this, the Globalists must get America out of the way. The Globalists are currently in processing of destroying America from within by their media utilizing Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals tactics that blame opponents for what they are doing, and utilizing Cloward-Piven strategies to overwhelm the economic system of America.

www.Freedom.social was created and designed to united millions of decent people by informing of facts and providing functionality to mobilize millions of decent people to take actions to save our country, and save humanity.

 www.FreedomTube.social is similar to YouTube, however FreedomTube promotes the truth while YouTube censors the truth.

www.Freedom.social is a Truth Seekers platform and an Independent Media platform where Independent Media is being compensated to post on FreedomTube – and – promote the 1776 Token and FreedomTube on their YouTube channels. FreedomTube and Freedom.social has free IPTV and WebRTC for independent media to broadcast worldwide. We will have HUNDREDS of independent media outlets on the Freedom platform promoting the platform and the 1776 Token.

The Freedom platform is a comprehensive ecosystem for people to unite under one umbrella and it is a platform for organizations to unite and cross utilize millions of subscribers to create mutual goals and objectives and take action.

The Freedom platform is not a left-right political platform, it is a platform for decent people to put the false paradigm of left vs. right politics aside, and to unite for freedom and for your family. If we do not unite, the future of country and the future of humanity is in question.

Join www.Freedom.social today.

One Response to “www.Freedom.social: A Platform Created to Save America, and Save Humanity…(Join Us!!)”

  1. Truth Teller

    Dummy! This isn’t going to “save AmeriKa.” Do you hear yourselves? The PC hucksters behind this are no different than Facebook or social.life. We need John Wayne / Clint Eastwood types in every gatekeeper position to save AmeriKa.
    And ask yourselves, who is supposed to investigate and arrest criminals behind ( just pick a few randoms, ) Sandy Hook, the Vegas shooting, chem trailing, pizza gate, and now the orchestrated campaign of lies to bring Trump down? The ones NOT investigating and arresting need to be arrested. Start there. Not on some Facebook 2.0


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