Trump Tax Plan Greatest Gift Establishment Ever Got…”Trump tax plan is a loophole haven for the richest of the rich”

Monday, December 4, 2017
By Paul Martin

By David Haggith
December 3, 2017

As soon as President Trump put his Goldman boys, Gary Cohn and Steven Mnuchin, in charge of his tax plan, I knew Trump’s tax plan would never fulfill his and his henchmen’s promises of helping the middle class and of not giving additional tax breaks to the rich. The Trump Tax plan, as it now exists, proves those conjoined promises to be the greatest lie Trump ever told.

After two decades with Goldman Sachs, Munchkin (as he shall hereinafter be known for he lives on the Goldman-bricked road) bought his own bank, IndyMac. He renamed it OneWest and turned it into a mega repo machine in 2009, whirring out hyuuge amounts of crash cash during the Great Recession. His revamped bank set a speed record for putting homeowners out on the street, foreclosing one home every thirty seconds. A vice president of OneWest even admitted in court she shortened her signature so that she could spend less than thirty seconds processing each foreclosure. As a result of this rush to foreclose, the court found the bank had frequently mishandled documents because it did not even read many of them before foreclosing.

Munchkin’s grim reaper of a bank closed its greedy grip on a whopping 35,000 homes during the Great Recession. The bank was even so unscrupulous as to instruct homeowners to stop making payments, ostensibly because it was going to modify the loans, but in reality in order to purify its argument for repossession. (For more on the Munchkin’s greed, read “U.S. Treasury Becomes a Laughing Stock.”)

Cohn, meanwhile, was president and COO of Goldman Sachs during the years when the Goldman squid monstrously raped its own clients by encouraging them to make investments that it bet its own money against. Cohn claimed in his own testimony that never happened, and his defense consisted of arguing that his company lost money during the Great Recession, so this couldn’t be true … as if a complex company with many areas of business couldn’t lose money overall during a crisis while making money in one area of business where it bet against its own advice to its clients. (See WSJ: “Gary Cohn Testimony: Goldman Didn’t Bet Against Clients.”

The senate subcommittee Cohn was speaking to on the matter disagreed in its own conclusion:

“Investment banks such as Goldman Sachs were not simply market-makers, they were self-interested promoters of risky and complicated financial schemes that helped trigger the crisis. They bundled toxic mortgages into complex financial instruments, got the credit rating agencies to label them as AAA securities, and sold them to investors, magnifying and spreading risk throughout the financial system, and all too often betting against the instruments they sold and profiting at the expense of their clients.” (The Independent: “Goldman ‘bet against securities it sold to clients’”)

The SEC ultimately fined Goldman half a billion dollars for its dishonesty, and Goldman conceded to its dishonesty. (See “Goldman Sachs and The ABACUS Deal.”)

By placing these financial weasels in full charge of creating his tax plan, Trump proved to my satisfaction that he never intended to serve the middle class. Some people, however, did not accept my claims putting the worst swamp creatures in charge of his signature campaign pledge did not prove Trump would prove to be a Trojan horse for the establishment. Now that we have seen both Senate and House versions of the plan, however, the proof is in the pudding (the sloppy mess that envelops Trump’s tax plan).

The Trump tax plan, in either of its current conceptions, will be the worst thing that ever happened to America, even though it will certainly boost stocks, and I’ll tell you why below. Still, many will refuse to see the truth and will be addled in their evaluations down the road by the fact that the plan did kick the stock market into even higher gear.

Trump tax plan is a loophole haven for the richest of the rich

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