America’s Bolshevik Revolution Moment Is Here

Friday, November 3, 2017
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
November 3rd, 2017

Antifa: A Call to Arms

One hundred years ago, the Bolshevik Revolution was born and the most brutal form of totalitarian government was thrust upon an unsuspecting world. A century later, the American people will be receiving visits from the ghosts of Communism as the revolution has now entered the United States. All of the articles I have written in which I warned the world that Obama was a communist, he was the product of communists and his brand of communism was beginning inside our government and will enslave our people if we let it, largely fell on deaf ears. Again, as Steve Quayle has said on my radio show, “what is coming is no longer coming, it is here”.

Even Some of the Hoodwinked Get It

Below are the statements of a Black activist as he describes what could be transpiring on November 4th. The insight expressed in the followed excerpts from a Youtube video is uncanny. This man gets it. He understands that Clinton, Soros and Rothschild are the enemies of everyone and that includes people of every race.

Excerpts From the Following Video

“The various black movements have been compromised and infiltrated. The BLM is not a black organization, it is being used to help those who want to start a civil war. Many black people are being set up to be slaughtered. We must put the race thing to the side, for now. The Democratic Party is using black people to fight whites for Antifa. Antifa is being paid for by Clinton, Soros, and Rothschilds. Black allegiance is the target. The whole plan is to take the guns away from people on the conservative side. November 4th is the day that Antifa has pledged to start the war. It is already here with the Las Vegas thing. That was a direct hit from the left. I want black people to understand that you are being used.

What is going on now is so much bigger than the issue of racial equality, it is about revolution against America. I am damn sure not going with Hillary and Soros. The people on the left are trying to get you to do their dirty work and start the civil war. White, Blacks and Mexicans, they are coming after you. You are going to get slaughtered if you listen to them. Hidden powers are controlling the narrative. Trying to get you to hate white people.”

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