‘Captain America’ Is Not Coming To Save Us—Liberty, At This Stage Of Human Development, Requires Risk And Pain

Tuesday, October 31, 2017
By Paul Martin

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

A lot of Americans know that the US government is out of control. Anyone who has cared enough to study the US Constitution even a little knows this.

For example, few Americans are aware that, collectively, they shoulder more than $18 trillion in debt exposure from loans, loan guarantees and subsidized insurance provided by some 150 federal programs. With some government loans extending 40 years, the ever-growing burden of federal credit will encumber generations to come — without their consent.

This redistribution of taxpayers’ money erodes the nation’s entrepreneurial spirit, increases financial risk and fosters cronyism and corruption.

The government credit portfolio consists of direct loans and loan guarantees for housing, agriculture, energy, education, transportation, infrastructure, exporting and small business, among other enterprises. Federal insurance programs cover bank and credit union deposits, pensions, flood damage, declines in crop prices and acts of terrorism.

Still, very few of these people are taking any significant action, and largely because of one error: They are waiting for “the good guys” to show up and fix things.

Some think that certain groups of politicians will pull it together and fix things, or that one magnificent politician will ride in to fix things. Others think that certain members of the military will step in and slap the politicians back into line. And, I’m sure there are other variations.

There are several problems with this. I’ll start with the small issues:

1.It doesn’t happen. A lot of good people have latched on to one grand possibility after another, waiting for a good guy to save the day, and it just doesn’t happen. Thousands of hours of reading, writing and waiting are burned with each new “great light” who comes along with a promise to run the system in the “right” way and give us liberty and truth. (Or whatever.) Lots of decent folks grab on to one pleasant dream after another, only to end up right back where they started… but poorer in time, energy and finances.

2.Hope is a scam. It’s a dream of someday, somehow, getting something for nothing. People who hope do not act – they wait for other people to act. Hope is a tool to neuter a natural opposition: they sit and hope, and never act against you. Even the biblical meaning of hope is something more like expectation (or sometimes waiting) than the modern use of hope.

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