Kim Jong-un is ‘mass producing deadly batches of smallpox and the plague’, warns Harvard report – as Pyongyang brands Trump a ‘hooligan’ and a ‘lunatic’ ruining America

Monday, October 23, 2017
By Paul Martin

North Korean dictator said to be harvesting agents such as anthrax to use in war
South Korea believes Kim Jong-un has 13 types of biological weapons primed
He would only need a couple of bottles worth of agents to kill tens of thousands
Pyongyang said Trump was a ‘hooligan’ with his finger over a nuclear button

23 October 2017

Kim Jong-un is feared to be mass producing biological weapons which could kill tens of thousands with a deadly spread of smallpox.

The dictator is said to be harvesting agents such as plague, anthrax and cholera and experts believe the intended targets are thought to be US troops.

It comes as the North Korean government labelled Donald Trump a ‘hooligan’ and a ‘lunatic with his finger over a nuclear button’.

A report by the Belfer Centre of Harvard University’s Kennedy School stated the hermit kingdom was preparing the stock of lethal potions.

Quoting the South Korean Defense Ministry, it said: ‘North Korea has 13 types of biological weapons agents which it can weaponize within ten days, and anthrax and smallpox are the likely agents it would deploy.’

The report went on to say: ‘Agents like anthrax could cause mass casualties with a small amount: only a few kilograms of anthrax, equivalent to a few bottles of wine, released into a dense city could kill 50 percent of the population.

‘If used on a large scale, these weapons can cause not only tens of thousands of deaths, but also create panic and paralyze societies.’

While much of the aggressive rhetoric coming from Pyongyang has centred around the nuclear threat, the White House has become embroiled in a war of words with the rogue state.

The latest statements from Kim Jong-un’s top team attacked the President of the US and its ally South Korea.

Translating a statement from the North Korean government, KNCA reported: ‘Dignitaries of White House, and State and Defense Departments of the US are having a hard time cooling Trump overheated with a war fever, but only the South Korean puppet forces are fanning up the lunatic fingering a nuclear button.

‘What is ridiculous is the puppet forces’ poor plight of being treated as a street girl even though they play the coquette with the US and serve it with devotion.

‘The darkness drooping low over America is sunset, not dawn, and no force can stop America from rushing headlong into downhill after over-living its era.

‘No wonder, such hooligan as thoughtless Trump is going on the rampage after becoming owner of White House, rendering the world restless.

‘Lunatic Trump is running headlong into ruin, taking America with him, and the poor puppet forces are following him, at the peril of their lives.

‘It would be needless to regret when they are about to fall off a cliff of era, together with their master.’

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