New Solar Superflare Could Result in Colossal ‘Tech Wipe Out’ on Earth

Tuesday, October 17, 2017
By Paul Martin

The sun is our friend and it keeps us warm, but it can also turn vicious and blast our Earth with solar superflares which, according to two astronomers from Harvard University, may happen before the end of this century.

Two scientists from Harvard University, Avi Loeb and Manasvi Lingam, have revealed that solar superflares could blast the Earth within the next decade and result in trillions of dollars of damage, citing an incident which happened in 1859.

According to the scientists, such a catastrophic event seems likely to occur within the next century, with a 12 percent chance of it happening in the next decade.

By studying solar superflares from other sun-like stars, the scientists found out that the most extreme superflares are likely to occur on a star like our sun approimately every 20 million years. But less intense superflares happen much more frequently and can still cause major problems on our planet. This happened in 1859, when a powerful solar storm sent enormous flares towards Earth in the first recorded event of its kind.

All of the telegraph systems across the Western world failed, and there were some reports of operators receiving electric shocks from the huge amounts of electrical current forced through the wires.
“Back then, there was not very much technology so the damage was not very significant, but if it happened in the modern world, the damage could [cost] trillions of dollars,” Loeb said, according to online publication New Scientist.

>He further said that a flare like that today could shut down all the power grids, all the computers, and all the cooling systems in all the nuclear reactors. In other words, a lot of “things could go really bad.”

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